Protesters Declare Donald Trump The REAL National Emergy
Yeah, that's definitely a repurposed animatronic Hillary (YouTube)

A whole bunch of protests were held today against the fake "president's" fake "emergency" declaration, with people turning out in cold crappy weather to call attention to the general nastiness of the guy who claims he absolutely had to do that declaration that wasn't necessary. Organizers with said over 250 rallies were planned nationwide. So far, the national State Of Emergency doesn't appear to have caused any of the rallies to be cancelled, despite the very real possibility that terrified Honduran refugees fleeing violence in Central America might suddenly show up and ask for asylum.

Are there still actions taking place in your area? Check at MoveOn!

Reuters reports the state of emergency created no tense moments in Chicago, where a few hundred people showed up to protest Trump's seizure of emergency powers to ignore the Constitution because Congress didn't do what he wanted:

Protesters gathered in Chicago's Federal Plaza carried signs that read "Dump Trump" and "Fake Emergency" and chanted "No wall, no fear, immigrants are welcome here."

Cheryl Krugel-Lee, a 32-year-old student, said she brought her 4-year-old daughter to the protest in freezing weather to set an example for her.

"This was a power grab by the Trump administration, and it's immoral and illegal," Krugel-Lee said.

We're fairly sure the Chicago protest was right on the verge of being crashed by human traffickers who had women tied up in the back of a van with duct tape wrapped around their heads, a disaster that surely would have awakened them to the real emergency in this country, but the bad guys never put in an appearance. They probably turned right instead of left at Albuquerque.

Washington DC radio station WTOP reports protesters gathered in several locations around the District, including Lafayette Square in front of the White House and other sites in Maryland and Virginia, although Donald Trump was still in Florida pooping ketchup omelettes and missed the protests. The station also noted, "Overall, illegal border crossings are down from a high of 1.6 million in 2000." That's not very supportive of the President, who may declare an emergency to rein in such un-American facts.

This is where we would normally show you a bunch of photos of protesters with hilarious, witty, anti-Trump signs, but Twitter is really disappointing us this time out. At least CBS News shared some video!

Thank goodness the UK's "Express" tabloid managed to gin up a suitably upset-seeming headline about all these Americans running wild in the streets and protesting the state of emergency, even though there is no actual emergency:

We were also amused by their attempt to suggest there might be some sort of panic in the decidedly non-panicky streets:

While Americans typically celebrate the day by attending parades and taking advantage of sales, is urging people to take to the streets today to protest against President Trump's "dangerous" move. Demonstrators are beginning to gather in Washington DC and across the US to call on members of Congress to take action against what they call Mr Trump's "fake crisis".

Oh, come now, you silly Englishes! Americans don't celebrate Presidents' Day with parades, and we've gotten pretty inured to the mattress sales too. Most Americans mark President's Day by wondering why the fuck the DMV is closed and why we don't have a president who'll ever have anything but a sewage treatment plant named after him, the end.

As for the state of emergy, send some money to the ACLU or to the Texas immigrant rights group RAICES, which gets lawyers for immigrant families, and have yourselves a good OPEN THREAD.

[Reuters / Yahoo / Express]

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