Protesters Fear Thomson Prison Will Turn Into 'The Rock,' Minus Nic Cage, Plus Terrorists


Libtards across America think it would be just fine to put Guantanamo detainees in a maximum-security prison in northern Illinois, where they could paint each other's fingernails while threatening to unleash a biological attack on "the mainland" (Iowa). But some people find this objectionable, and so they went toa public hearing on the proposed sale of the Thomson Correctional Facility to the US government armed with two things: flawless logic, and wonderful signs.

"It's not a dictatorship," Munson said. "We need to take back our country, and stopping this is step one."

Linda Ploch drove the 2 hours from Vernon Hills, north of Chicago, to watch the protest and the hearing. She carried a sign that read "Enemies don't belong on U.S. soil!"

"I just really don't believe we're doing the right thing, to bring any terrorists on our soil," Ploch said. "This is where I live; this is where I raise my kids. [Terrorist] recruitment could start in Chicago."

One photo from the protest shows a woman holding a big sign saying FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY (a concept that the terrorists simply cannot abide). Another shows a sign, stuck in the snow, reading "NO TERRORIST PIGS ON U.S. SOIL." The sign is shaped like a pig.

Differing views on Thomson prison sale []


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