Proud Boys Don't Want Any Ladies Joining Their He-Man Woman-Haters Club

Right Wing Extremism
Proud Boys Don't Want Any Ladies Joining Their He-Man Woman-Haters Club

The Proud Boys, the douchiest group of human beings in perhaps the entire history of the world, like to claim that, rather than being the violent right wing extremists they obviously are, they are simply a fraternal drinking club for "western chauvinists." They sometimes even like to compare themselves to groups like the Elks or the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes or the Fraternal Order of the Bass or the Amalgamated Association of Morons.

Actually, that one isn't too far off.

However, while many of the traditional fraternal organizations have ladies auxiliaries, the Proud Boys would like to be clear that they do not and will not have one and that there is no such thing as a Proud Girl, and they are sick and tired of ladies trying to be Proud Girls instead of staying the fuck in the kitchen.

There is not really a good side to take here. On the one hand, you've got women who want to join a hate group, and on the other, you've got men who don't want women to join their hate group because of how they are sexist. Everyone involved is terrible.

This post, from the Proud Boys of Northern Nevada, states:

Dear "Proud Girls"


Hijacking our fraternity because you can't stand men having their own club is exactly why we created this club in the first place. You aren't supporting us. You're hurting us. You're ruining what we hold dear. Want to know how to ACTUALLY support us? Get married, have children, cultivate wonderful communities in which we can live in. To save the west we need WOMEN BEING WOMEN. Not women trying to be men.

We beg of you, with sincere love from the bottom of our hearts, get pregnant and get the fuck back in the kitchen.

Jeremy Bertino, a Proud Boy who goes around calling himself "Noble Beard," also posted about the Proud Girls problem.


I'm going to share a possibly unpopular opinion, women do not belong on the front line at rallies or the battles that happen at them. For every female that is upfront it's 1 less capable man up there defending. Let's face it Women tend to fire on emotions over tact. I have found in my experience that they will escalate the situation when it's tactically smart to Descalate [sic] a situation. My stabbing was a result of a woman jumping the gun and grabbing the assailants mask and taking away the tactical advantage we had from the side I was coming in on. Stop trying to prove to us how tough you are it only makes you look foolish. Want to be there at rallies be there in a support capacity but know your place, it's in the back. Women are to be protected. They put us in jeopardy by being upfront. We have to switch to protection mode instead of assault mode. Seriously when we need you we will call on you. And there is no PG and no woman is a PB. It will NEVER happen. PG doesn't exist.

Naturally, there were piles of responses from ladies hoping to impress this cafone by asserting (ironic!) how very submissive they are and how they know they need the menfolk to protect them. From antifa. And bears. Probably.

Here are some choice comments from some definitely real women.

I agree! Personally I'm not physically as strong as most men. I'm in NO way as brave as the PB who face off with antifa. Which is what made me look for and follow PB on social media. I was so grateful for the men doing what I could not. Women have a million other ways to support the movement without putting PB in additional danger.

Couldn't you just puke?

I agree 100%. I don't understand women who want to run with men. I got some supper to cook or a nail appointment to go too. I got women shit to do.

Cooking supper and getting our nails done! Activities for women!

I agree with this statement. Now don't get me wrong if I had to defend my family I would but that is my husbands job first. I don't think women should be on the line it's not what we were meant to do. Unless our men went down then we need to step up. We have other roles and need to be in our roles to make sure them men can protect us like are suppose to do!

I think what I like best about all of this is that they're acting like they're in some kind of legitimate war instead of, you know, being jagoffs that go around beating up activists for no reason.

Your thoughts aren't unpopular just not accepted by feminist influenced girls. Nothing good happens after dark is an old adage that I was taught. And that is exactly what is expected when you PB's go to task! I am PROUD of all of you. And women have no place distracts from the focus. Men go from mission focus to being a protector and letting their guard down. Nah! I will stay home keeping the home fires burning. Prepping, cooking and readying for when the men return home. POYBs!

There's been a lot written about ladies who get involved in hateful movements led by violent misogynists and are then shocked to discover that sexism is unpleasant and that being white supremacists or anti-feminists doesn't shield them from that in any way whatsoever. Then they end up being all "Hey! I just came here to be a racist and talk about how other women are bad, not to have men sexually harass me or denigrate me for my life choices!" about shit. I don't traditionally have a "you deserve what you get" attitude concerning sexism, but in these cases I will make an exception. "Women can be hatemongers, too!" makes even less sense than "We need more women billionaires!"

There will always and forever be people who desperately want to belong to clubs that don't want them as members, but anyone who would want to be a Proud Boy, male or female, has more problems than that.

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