Proud Boys Spent Weekend Bludgeoning Reporters, Each Other

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Proud Boys Spent Weekend Bludgeoning Reporters, Each Other

The Proud Boys are a bunch of grown men who wear matching outfits and named their special club after a song from the Broadway musical version of Disney's Aladdin. Under normal circumstances, this is not something that would strike fear in the heart of, well, anyone. Under normal circumstances, the worst offense they would probably cause anyone would be a poorly harmonized rendition of Billy Joel's "For The Longest Time." But The Proud Boys happen to be an extremely violent group of men who wear matching outfits and who named their club after a song from the Broadway musical version of Disney's Aladdin and who are most definitely not a glee club. Which is probably for the best given that they tend to look like they spit a lot when they talk, so any group singalong would just be unsanitary, to say the least.

This weekend, Proud Boys from all over took to the streets in Washington, DC, for the #MillionMAGAMarch, where they marched (in their matching outfits) beside various other hateful and deluded people to protest Donald Trump losing the 2020 Presidential election. Let it never be said they are not multitaskers, because while they were marching, they managed to physically assault a number of journalists who were at the march to do their jobs.

For those of you who do not speak French, that tweet basically says, "A photographer was violently attacked by very hostile Trump supporters at yesterday's rally in Washington, D.C." And that is what it shows. A bunch of Proud Boys, marching and chanting "The Media Sucks!" and then one of them just starts punching a photographer in the face. For no reason. One yells, "How many more fucking punches is it going to take?"

Here you can see them, again, just assaulting random people for no reason.

Independent journalist Talia Jane was stabbed in the ear by a Proud Boy.

Local activists say there were other stabbings as well, though none that we've confirmed. Not that it would surprise us. The police, of course, have been there to defend the Proud Boys all the way. Nice!

But it wasn't just other people that they attacked. At one point, they also initiated a new member into the club — a bizarre ritual that involves beating the aspiring member up while they recite five cereal brands. You know, because they're violent and hateful but also whimsical.


This is not a video of the Proud Boys beating anyone up but, you know, I am going to include it anyway, so you can see what I was talking about, with regards to the spittle.

The end.

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