We live in such a terrible, dark moment in American history. Of course, there's this global pandemic. And we have the single worst, stupidest human alive on the planet in charge of the country. And that guy does so much shit each and every day that it's incredibly easy to lose sight of how, just five years ago, it would be unthinkable for the president of the United States to talk about jailing both his political enemies and his predecessor in office. That's some Russian-slash-Paul Manafort-In-Ukraine shit!

Darlins, don't ever let this get normal:

TRUMP: If I were a Democrat instead of a Republican, I think everybody would've been in jail a long time ago and I'm talking with 50-year sentences. Uh, it is a disgrace what's happened. This is the greatest political scam, hoax in the history of our country. People should be going to jail for this stuff. And hopefully a lot of people are going to pay. [...] This was all Obama. This was all Biden.

Blah blah GENERAL FLYNN HERO! blah blah "THESE PEOPLE WERE CORRUPT, THEY'RE ALL CORRUPT. AND WE CAUGHT THEM!" blah blah "UNMASKERS!11!1!!" blah blah blah blah blah blah.

It's remarkable how quickly that man cycles through the 100 words he knows and then starts back at the beginning.

Trump said this on the Fox Business idiot show for idiots, hosted by idiot Maria Bartiromo. During this interview he also said it "just came out," in the real news, that actually Russia attacked the 2016 election to help Hillary Clinton win, which is definitely a thing that happened in world history. Why, it happened at the same time as Obamagate, which the dictionary defines as "the biggest crime," and if you look up "the biggest crime" in the old Merriam-Webster, you'll see that it is defined as "Obamagate, which everybody knows about."

But we digress.

Trump's fake "Obamagate" scandal is of course nothing more than a meaningless word he's created to serve as this year's "BUT HER EMAILS!" Actually, it means less than "BUT HER EMAILS!" But it's possibly more powerful to him, because for some reason Barack Obama gets under Trump's thin old gross orange flaky pockmarked skin more than any other. (More successful, black, smarter, black, more attractive, black, cooler wife, dick probably so big it could slap the Big Mac right out of Trump's mouth, etc.) It doesn't really matter that he can't even explain in big boy words what he actually thinks Barack Obama or Joe Biden did.

This isn't new, obviously. Trump cheated his way into his first election on the back of "LOCK HER UP!" This time, though, he is the sitting president of the United States, with an obedient attorney general at his slobbering service.

Of course, Trump also has media organs at his disposal, ready to parrot his every banana republic dictator utterance, and encourage him to make more of them. (It is a self-perpetuating cycle, because he is their number one fan!)

Here is deranged Fox News moron Mark Levin last night on the deranged "Hannity" show, saying they should make a special wing at Leavenworth for Obama people. Why? Reasons.

LEVIN: They ought to take a wing in Leavenworth and put all these guys in there. What they have done to this country, the rule of law, the Constitution, now our courts with this judge, Emmet Sullivan, and I want to talk about him in particular.

Cool, he wants to put all the Obama people, and also the Obama judges like Flynn judge Emmet Sullivan, in prison. Neat. Trump heard that, because Trump hears every word spoken on Fox News. (For the record, Emmet Sullivan's first big-time judicial appointment came from noted Obama person Ronald Reagan.)

Over on One America News Network, the mom-and-pop wingnut outfit Trump turns to when Fox News is insufficiently servile to his needs — and which the Trump family mayhave an interest in turning into Trump TV whenever Fuckhead is drop-kicked out of office, if recent reporting is any indication — weirdo host Graham Ledger suggested to Trump that he should arrest Democratic governors who refuse to reopen their states immediately, to satisfy the wishes of Trump and his death cult. (Ledger even invoked Martin Luther King Jr. It was weird.)

Trump probably heard that too.

So this is where we are, and it's only going to get worse between now and November. Heaven forfend Trump somehow successfully cheat his way into re-election, because in a Trump second term, much of this would likely become a reality. Hell, we're already pretty sure Bill Barr is going to pull some REAL Kremlin shit before the election.

Speaking of the election, Joe Biden was on the Lawrence O'Donnell TV program last evening, and was asked if he would commit not to pardon Trump, like a common weak-ass stupidhead Gerald Ford whining about America really needs that in order to heal. Biden made that commitment. Of course, the difference is that Biden isn't going to threaten to lock up his enemies whenever he's constipated, and isn't going to tweet about it. Instead he'll spend his time doing the actual work of the president, and if his actually independent Justice Department follows the facts and those facts lead to Trump and his family and friends going to prison?

Well, we're sure Joe Biden will try to act surprised, just like we will.

[Media Matters]

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