Psycho-Fascist Bill Barr Tells Wolf Blitzer How 2020's Trump Election-Stealing Gonna Work

We're usually shy about saying things like this, but Attorney General Bill Barr is hot garbage and an absolute psycho. It hurts us to say it, really.

Barr went on the Wolf Blitzer TV Time Hour on CNN yesterday, and pretty much announced that he, just like Donald Trump and so many others, is hellbent on rigging this election for Trump.

And he told us how.

Let's put it all together.

On the same day Trump literally told his followers in North Carolina to commit a felony by voting twice, Barr baselessly asserted that a "foreign country" is going to send in "thousands" of fake mail-in ballots. He's said this before. He admitted to Blitzer, when pressed, that he has zero evidence for his baseless assertions.

It is just "logic," he said, because he is a psycho.

Barr stated as if it were fact that "most anything" can be "counterfeited." He also told Blitzer that "Elections that have been held with mail have found substantial fraud and coercion."

He is full of shit. The AP reported that "senior U.S. officials said on a conference call with reporters last week that they had no intelligence to suggest" any foreign country was trying to fuck with mail-in ballots. Got that? No intelligence. Mail-in voting has been showntime and time again to be safe, secure, and the ballots are really fucking hard to counterfeit. Barr knows this. Barr is lying about this.

Here is a longer clip of Barr defending Trump (committing a crime by) telling his voters to commit voting fraud. "I don't know what the law in that particular state says," Barr claimed, feigning ignorance about whether voting twice is OK if the fascist president says it's OK. How could he know? He is only the attorney general, after all.

If you watch the clip, you see how MAD Barr gets at the end, as Blitzer calls bullshit on every one of his lies, including his dishonest citation of a bipartisan commission from many years ago, led by Jimmy Carter and former secretary of State James Baker, to claim vote-by-mail is "vulnerable to fraud." What did that commission actually find? Not what Bill Barr is saying it found!

Because Bill Barr is a liar, and also a psycho.

So why is he doing this, besides how he is a liar and also a psycho?

Let's go to Barr's lies about China for our answer!

Blitzer asked Barr which country is interfering most with this election: Russia, China, or Iran? Blitzer asked because of how the assessment from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) named those three countries, but definitively stated that only Russia is actively attacking the American election, and is doing it for Donald Fucking Trump. China and Iran merely have a "preference." Would Barr tell the truth, or would he say another psycho lie?

"I believe it's China," Barr psycho-lied.

Barr said he had seen the intelligence, just like dumb dick Trump ass-sucking liar DNI John Ratcliffe says he's seen the intelligence that China is attacking the election, for Joe Biden. Would Barr say why he thinks this? No, you do not get to know why Bill Barr says China is the biggest threat, you are just supposed to accept it, because that is what fascist regimes demand.

As we saw this morning, this is a coordinated propaganda campaign from the Trump administration, a campaign probably itself being bolstered by Russia, that the REAL attacker of the election will be China. And here is Bill Barr claiming baselessly that according to his impeccable logic some country is probably going to rig the election against Trump by counterfeiting mail-in ballots.

In the middle of a pandemic, where voters are going to use mail-in ballots more than ever before, where Joe Biden is way the fuck ahead in the polls, and where Biden voters are at this point more likely to avail themselves of mail-in voting than Trump voters.

Can you see it yet? You get it?

Do you see what Bill Barr is doing, right before your very eyes, with a shit-mouthed smirk on his fascist fucking trash face?

Is it coming into view for you? When Joe Biden wins, and especially if Biden's win becomes clearer as mail-in ballots are counted, Donald Trump is going to scream mail-in voting fraud, blame it on China, and his fascist director of national intelligence and his fascist attorney general are going to back him up.

Why do you think DNI Ratcliffe reallydecided to kill in-person election security intel briefings for Congress? Seems like he did it so he can aid and abet and conceal this year's Russian attack, and manufacture one from China.

We already knew Barr was planning to help rig the election against Biden and for Trump. We knew he was totally fine with dropping the "results" of his bullshit clown car John Durham investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation as close as possible to the election, in order to try to exonerate Trump and Russia for the 2016 election attack, and to smear Obama officials as the real criminals. Before Congress, he rejected the very notion that releasing cherrypicked information from that probe — you know he won't just release the actual findings, because he's a liar and a psycho — would constitute election interference, or break the Justice Department's 60-day rule for taking actions that could alter the course of an election.

And now we can see what they're really planning to pull on Election Day.

Gird your fucking loins, America, the next two months are going to be absolute hell.

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