Armed Trump Supporters Attempt To Road Rage Biden Campaign Out Of Texas

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Armed Trump Supporters Attempt To Road Rage Biden Campaign Out Of Texas

An event in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Pflugerville, Texas has been canceled for "security reasons" — those "security reasons" being a group of heavily armed Trump supporters that have been following the Biden/Harris bus around the country, from swing state to swing state, trying to run it off the road and ramming into vehicles they suspect belong to Biden voters. You know, because that's just a really good and normal way to try and win an election!

Texas State Rep Sheryl Cole announced last night that the event, meant to be held jointly with Austin Young Democrats, had to be canceled because "Pro-Trump Protestors have escalated well beyond safe limits."

And she was not kidding. One of Trumpists actually rammed their car into Biden supporter's car while trying to run them off the road.

Dr. Eric Cervini, a campaign volunteer, posted a video of the madness to Twitter.

Cervini also posted a video of the Trump truck trying to run the Biden supporter's car off the road. Naturally, Trump supporters are claiming on Twitter that no such thing happened and that actually, the Biden voter was the one starting shit with their car.

There was, reportedly, also a lot of screaming about how Joe Biden is a communist.

Although Texas has long been considered a deep red state, it's not so clear this time around. Demographic changes have lead the state to move a little to the Left in some areas, leaving the things a little more evenly split than they have been in the past. Kamala Harris has been campaigning there this past week in a bid to flip it.

In an interview with Houston's ABC13, Harris said:

"The people of Texas have so much at stake in this election. And certainly, when you look at Houston and you look at the numbers of people who contracted (COVID-19)...when you look at the small business community of Houston...Joe and I feel a very strong sense of commitment to right the wrongs, and implement a plan that is getting us back on our feet and building back better. And Houston would be a direct beneficiary of that."

It's not clear if Harris would have been at this particular event, but Wendy Davis was expected to be there, as was Congressman Lloyd Doggett and Austin mayor Steve Adler.

You know what will be really nice? The fact that next week may be the last week when "armed" is an adjective frequently used to described supporters of the President of the United States of America. These people will still exist, they will still be armed, they will still be fucking batshit and they will still be dangerous. But they won't be the people currently getting what they want, and on some level, that will be a relief. A small relief, sure, but we have to take what we can get at this point.


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