Psychotic Nevada Guv's Midnight Oath Scam Revealed!

Piece o' crap - WonketteWhy did violent, delusional alcoholic Jim Gibbons take the oath as Nevada's newest and craziest governor at 12:00:12 a.m. on January 1? Initial reports blamed some make-believe terror threat because Saddam Hussein supporters would certainly target some nobody in Northern Nevada to avenge the Iraqi president's hanging.

But the real reason for the bizarre midnight ceremony in Gibbons' Reno living room has less to do with the sociopath's terror fantasies than his cheap mafia casino power grabs and fanatical loathing for the popular, competent and sane outgoing governor, Republican Kenny Guinn.

Learn all about the pig-eyed thug's latest filthy schemes, after the jump.

Gibbons watchers figured there was no way he could top 2006 -- the year he was caught sexually assaulting a drunken waitress in Las Vegas, hiding illegal alien nannies in his basement and kicking back millions in federal money to his GOP friends in Northern Nevada.

So what's next for the sputtering clown who previously distinguished himself by doing nothing in Congress for 10 straight years but propose sending anti-war Americans to Iraq as "human shields"?

It turns out the midnight oath was a sleazy ploy to invalidate Guinn's appointment of a gambling-board official. Gibbons' henchmen studied a 1979 appointment by an outgoing governor that appears to suggest the new governor can cancel out appointments made after the election but before the swearing-in ceremony ... something like that. Also, these people are psychotic:

Just before the midnight ceremony, Gibbons was watching the clock so closely that he prodded his wife, Dawn, to hurry up and join him in their living room where Chief Justice Bill Maupin administered the oath of office.

"Anytime, Dawn," he said.

Observers said Gibbons completed the oath at 12 seconds after midnight. Gibbons chief of staff Mike Dayton checked a clock on a coffee table in the room.

"He knew what he was doing," [political science professor Fred] Lokken said of Gibbons. "The late-night oath of office was certainly unprecedented."

It literally makes no sense. And because Gibbons started reading his oath before midnight (back in 2006), he might not really be governor at all and will be sent to Abu Ghraib. Hooray for Justice!

Other new revelations in the sick, sad life of Governor McDrunks-a-lot:

* Guinn showed his deep respect for Gibbons by refusing to go to the inauguration on Tuesday, ending a decades-long tradition of outgoing governors attending the new governor's ceremony.

* Wife Dawn has totally banned alcohol in the governor's mansion, so Gibbons will continue his drinking and clumsy attempts at fornicating out in public.

* Why were his hands shaking so terribly during his public swearing in Tuesday? He's apparently a cocaine addict, too!

* Because it's unpopular to admit such addictions to illegal drugs, Gibbons has suddenly claimed he's actually a long-time sufferer of some "chronic neurological condition." It was only made worse by a "caffeine-laced energy drink and a subsequent sleepless night." Right.

'CHANGES ARE POSSIBLE': Gibbons eyes Guinn picks [LV Review-Journal]

Gibbons replaces Guinn appointee to the Nevada Gaming Control Board [Reno Gazette Journal]


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