Public Eye Blinks

With the debut of "Public Eye," CBS joined the pajamahadeen today. It's a blog. Or maybe it isn't: Former Hotline editor Vaughn Ververs inaugurated it with a frank admission:

The questions, asked over and over again, in many ways still seem unanswered. What is it? Why is it a blog? How often are you going to update it? What are you going to write about? How is this thing going to work?

All seemingly easy questions, yet in launching something so new and unique, I quickly realized the challenges of answering them. In many instances, I don’t have the answers. There is no model to follow here, no formula, no directions for assembly.

Geez, why didn't we apply for this job? "Hey, we're totally clueless!" seems like an odd opening gambit, but it does make them seem more like real bloggers.

He goes on a bit after that but we got bored and stopped reading. That's one way to keep "transparency" from making a difference.

And Awaaay We Go! [Public Eye]


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