Punkouts, Bailouts, Copouts

  • Kim Jong Il might or might not be dying, and North Korea looks like it's starting up its nuclear program again so ... everything looks rosy on that front! [Spiegel Online]
  • The president will meet today with John McCain (who SUSPENDED HIS CAMPAIGN, COUNTRY ABOVE SELF &c) and Barack Obama and together these three men will save the American economy or something. [New York Times]
  • McCain and Obama released a joint statement saying, in essence, "This financial crisis is really a doozy," and pledged to work together to resolve it. [Wall Street Journal]
  • President Bush addressed the nation last night and said, "Sorry liberals I know you hate bailing out fat cat CEOs, and sorry conservatives I know you hate socialism, but please join together in my socialist bailout of fat cat CEOs, for the good of the country." [Wall Street Journal]
  • So yeah, Condi Rice and other senior Bush Administration officials knew about all the torture stuff the CIA was doing by early 2002. [Washington Post]
  • In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law banning text-messaging while driving. Offenders will be fined a whopping $20 the first time they're caught and $50 every time after that, until they are eventually thrown in a CIA prison and tortured by Condi Rice. [Los Angeles Times]

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