Puppy Dogs Blew Up the WTC, Apparently

Puppy Dogs Blew Up the WTC, Apparently

1998-throwback siteBare-Naked Islam treats the Muslim issue with smart commentary and reasoned discourse. Haha, just kidding, it's just the worst batshit-crazy paranoid trash-dump of truly bizarre xenophobic bullshit you're likely to see. Just remember, Islamaphobia isn't real, it's just a media fantasy perpetuated by your Wonkette:


……except Muslims use mosques instead of urine to mark their territory.

The Intelligence of Dogs gives us the classical explanation of this myth: “All canines use urine … to mark the limits of their territories. In males this marking behavior is usually accompanied by leg lifting to direct the urine against large objects (trees, rocks, bushes) to place the scent at nose height for other dogs and to allow the scent to radiate over a large area. Some African wild dogs … scrabble as high up the trunk of a tree as possible before squirting their message.”

[Muslims use mosques to mark their conquests. In Muslim males, this marking behavior is usually accompanied by leg lifting against large objects (buildings in Manhattan, temples in Jerusalem, churches in Egypt, temples in India, etc.) to allow the structure to be seen from as wide an area as possible.]

First of all, dogs urinate far beyond the boundaries or limits of their so-called territory. Dogs don’t just urinate on large objects, but on vertical objects (trees, posts), unfamiliar or inorganic objects (tires, plastic bags, fire hydrants), and on top of another dog’s urine (males usually urinate on top of another male’s scent, but not on top of a female’s).

[Muslims mosquefy an area far beyond the boundaries of decency and sensitivity. Muslims don't just leave their mark on large objects but on vertical objects as well (high rise buildings), and on top of infidel burial sites (Ground Zero)]

And yes, this is really on there:


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