Put Christ in Christmas or Wherever Else He Belongs

HolidaysmolidayThe Bush administration is clearly suffering from the little-known "Greeting Card Curse." First, the bubbly hyperbole of Harriet Miers's chummy thank you notes helped torpedo her SCOTUS nomination. Now, the religious right is thumping Bibles over the Bushes instances that other religious celebrations occur during the month of December by sending out "holiday" cards rather than "Christmas" cards, a kind of fake controversy that always makes us want to remind people that Jesus was born in April, anyway. The Post is all over the story, though we suspect it might be a bit trumped up. After all, who's upset here? Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights? He starts letter-writing campaigns over the use of "gesundheit." Indeed, when Donohue discovered the White House's offense, his panties hadn't even unbundled from their previous knot: "Donohue had just announced a boycott of the Lands' End catalogue when he received his White House holiday card." Clearly, the man needs a hobby -- or just a new cause. May we suggest heeding National Council of Churches' Rev. Bob Edgar: "I think it's more important to put Christ back into our war planning than into our Christmas cards." Because Jesus doesn't need body armor.

'Holiday' Cards Ring Hollow for Some on Bushes' List [WP]

Mrs. Bush's Remarks at the White House Holiday Press Preview [WhiteHouse.gov]


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