Putin Overcompensating Again

friendly fighting i supposeThe news spread through Japan and Russia like a firestorm today that Russian President (and soon to be Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin had recorded an instructional judo video with Japanese judo champion Yasuhiro Yamasita. What would that look like? Oh, it's gonna be good.

So, the video itself isn't out yet, but there are pictures from 2005 of Putin and Yamasita with some unsuspecting students in the gallery below. Please note how Putin takes every teenager out, but it's only the boy's face he sticks his crotch in.

Even better, Wonkette tipster Quigley alerted us to the follow video of an actual adult chucking Putin around judo style!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/IdXwu2MXR_s&rel=1 expand=1]

Russia's Putin makes video for judo textbook [Yahoo News]


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