Putin Releases Long-Awaited Judo How-To DVD

Putin Releases Long-Awaited Judo How-To DVD

Way back in Decemberword leaked out that Vladimir Putin was working on a fancy judo video. That glorious day has arrived, and now when John McCain looks into Putin's eyes he will see a "JU" in one eye and a "DO" in the other eye, with "I love you" written on his eyelids, just like in the Indiana Jones movie.

TECHNICALLY the new video, while called "Let's Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin," is not actually like an instructional dealy by him. It features various judo masters such as Boba Fett, and Putin just pops in every now and again to throw an old man to the ground, judo-style.

And thus are fulfilled the fantasies of veritable dozens of gay martial-arts KGB bare-breasted fishing freaks around the world.

Macho Putin in yet ANOTHER display of masculinity as he releases 'Let's learn judo with Vladimir' DVD [Daily Mail]

Putin Stars in Instructional Judo Video [New York Times]


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