QAnon Begs Lin Wood To Represent Them In Class Action Lawsuit Against Pretty Much Everyone

QAnon Begs Lin Wood To Represent Them In Class Action Lawsuit Against Pretty Much Everyone

With the "hopium" well running dry, Q followers are have some difficulty maintaining their trust in "the plan." Especially since "the plan" requires Donald Trump to still be president. Q hasn't communicated with them since December 8, which means this is a full-on Choose Your Own adventure game these days. They have to make up everything themselves now! And it certainly doesn't help when politicians and the media are not being very nice to them.

Thus, it occurred to an "anon" over at (archived link) that perhaps Lin Wood could represent "Trump supporters" in a massive class action defamation lawsuit against the mainstream media and politicians who say mean things about them.

"Attention Lin Wood!!!! Can Trump Supporters Sue MSM and Politicians For Defamation?? Like a Big Giant Class Action Lawsuit?

Other supporters quickly jumped on this idea and announced that they would absolutely be up for this themselves. One suggested that perhaps they could even all sue CNN for saying white men are the most dangerous terrorists! This would be difficult as it is a factually true statement. Another suggested suing Facebook for "censoring voter fraud and tagging my posts to make me look crazy to my peers" (likely meaning tagging their posts as misinformation).

Another asked "What about people who died who could have been treated with HCQ that FB and others censored?" — referring to hydroxychloroquine, which had its temporary approval from the FDA revoked after it was discovered to cause heart problems in coronavirus patients.

Still another noted, "I can see a lot of lawyers getting rich from representing people who have lost their jobs because of their political leanings." That could be true — if it's in Montana or those people are union workers who can only be fired for just cause and those workers did not do anything that could be considered "just cause" for termination. Practically everyone else in the United States of America is an at-will employee, which means they can be fired for any reason that is not discriminatory based on their membership in a protected class of people. Of course, even that is kind of bullshit, because the employer can always claim they were firing that person for "no reason" — but even if it weren't, "Republican" is not a protected class and neither is "conspiracy theorist."

A QAnon devotee who happens to be a lawyer, however, rained on their parade by telling them that they probably could not do this — but that they could do another, equally ridiculous thing that would also make no sense.

Lawyer here. The answer to your question is no, BUT we can all sue for the pattern of violating each state's consumer protection act, which would have the same effect. The media "sells" us its product by mislabeling it as news or fact or vetted journalism. The public relies upon the media's special status to inform us of important things we can't possibly fully research on our own time.

The consumer protection act prohibits an unfair or deceptive act in trade or commerce in matters vitally affecting the public interest. Damages start at a refund of all the fees we pay for the news, from subscriptions to a portion of your cable bill each month. The fees would be staggering. The lawyer who champions this case would make hundreds of millions in fees. But he would need to weather years of expensive discovery, motions, etc.

If any of you know a litigator, hit him or her up about this. Someone will bite.

Yeah, I may not be a big city lawyer, or any kind of lawyer for that matter, but it seems like you probably can't just go and sue "the media" and "the news" as if "the media" and "the news" are collective entities of some kind. Also it would probably be very difficult for these people to figure out what, if anything, anyone is lying about.

Of course, even if Lin Wood wanted to take any or all of these lawsuits — and there is not much we'd put past him — he's a little bit busy at the moment dealing with his own shit. Like being accused, ironically, of committing voter fraud by voting in Georgia despite having lived in South Carolina since April. Whoops! He also may not have a license to practice law soon, owing to his refusal to take a psychiatric exam ordered by the Georgia state bar.

But that doesn't mean that Q followers are just going to stop trusting in the plan. Because hey — this one lady says that the military tribunals are already habbening and that she is there to testify against Tom Hanks and George Soros, who she claims are currently "missing." You know. Because of the military tribunals. That are happening. Right now.

Military Tribunals + Madyson = Madyson's voice & a little bit of Justice

And, well, that just seems true.

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