QAnon Devotee Marjorie Taylor Greene's Challenger Dropped Out And That ... That's Not Good

2020 Congressional Elections

Remember when we thought the onslaught of Tea Party dentists running for office was bad? Oh, how young and innocent we all were then. This year, we've got multiple people running for office who make the tricorn-hat wearing hat dipshits who thought Obama was a secret muslin look like, well, tricorn-hat wearing hat dipshits who thought Obama was a secret muslin but who at least didn't believe that Donald Trump was waging a secret war against Satanic pedophiles who drink the blood of children to get high.

One of them is Marjorie Taylor Greene, a woman who, by all rights, should be standing on a street corner screaming about socialism or aliens or how the end is nigh, and pretty much the only thing that might have kept her out of Congress, Democratic challenger Kevin Van Ausdal has dropped out for "personal and family reasons." He has done this too late for Democrats to replace him. Van Ausdal posted a non-explanation to Twitter last night, which said "The next steps in my life are taking me away from Georgia," noting that he wanted to give the party a chance to replace him, which they legally cannot do in Georgia 60 days prior to an election.

He wrote:

I want you all to hear this from me directly — I am heartbroken to announce that for family and personal reasons, I cannot continue this race for Congress. After lengthy discussions with my team, attorney, party officials and others, the answer was clear, stepping aside would be best for the voters. The next steps in my life are taking me away from Georgia, so I will be disqualified from serving in Congress and will give the party a chance to put forward a candidate that can carry this fight to the end.

When I started this, it was because I wanted to talk about what is happening to real people every day and how none of the anger and divisiveness was making anything better. This rhetoric has turned into dangerous extremism, like the candidacy of Marjorie Greene. I will put every resource, every bit of knowledge into the campaign that comes behind me to defeat Majorie and restore hope to the people of Northwest Georgia. Thank you.

Again, the party cannot nominate someone to replace him, because it is less than 60 days away from the election. It is currently 52 days away from the election. Had he done this a week and one day earlier, they would have been able to do that.

The statement from his campaign manager, also published to Twitter, oddly noted that Van Ausdal was "safe" — though possibly this could have been due to rumors that he was dropping out due to threats from QAnon people.

He said:

"I want to be clear about this: the campaign is still here and working to do all that needs to happen moving forward. Our finances are intact and Kevin is safe. We remain dedicated to supporting Democrats in finding a replacement for November, as Kevin addressed in this statement earlier today. We are in communication with the Democratic Party of Georgia, which is currently reaching out and working with the Georgia Secretary of State's office to name a new nominee and move forward."

Again, the deadline to put someone else on the ballot was 8 days ago.

Now, you are perhaps thinking to yourself "Well he had better be a serial killer about to get caught, on the run from the mob, dealing with a hostage situation or something like that, if he's going to drop out this late in the game." He is not. In fact, according to a campaign aide who spoke to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

His campaign aide later told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Van Ausdal quit his bid after his wife served him divorce papers and he was poised to move in with relatives in Indiana.

"We told him there's no wiggle room here," said Michael McGraw, the candidate's principal consultant, who added that Van Ausdal didn't face any threats or coercion to leave the race. "We are deeply saddened because the campaign was taking off in a lot of ways."

Look, I get it. It probably seemed like a bad idea to sign a lease not knowing if he was going to actually get the job in Congress. But dude — sleep on a couch for a month, Kevin.

I mean, I'm not saying that it would be great for Kevin Van Ausdal to join Congress. If he's dropping out of a Congressional race to go live with his parents because he got served with divorce papers, he seems a little bombaleed himself. Clearly, it would have been a good idea for at least one other person to run in that primary, perhaps someone who was more heavily vetted, but either Van Ausdal or a German Shepard would have been better than Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green. Sure, it's a heavily Republican district, but given that the Republican candidate is a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who casually threatens to murder other members of Congress, Democrats might have had a shot. Now they got nothing.

[Associated Press]

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