What's a poor QAnon idiot to do? They couldn't overthrow Joe Biden's election by seizing the Capitol by force. Things aren't going well with their nutbag fraud-it in Arizona, even though they've been X-raying all the ballots for signs of invisible bamboo, to prove they were fraudulently cast by 'GIIIIIIIIINA.

It's almost like nothing these fuckloons believe is based on a shred of reality, and their insistence on believing it is really at its root a cry for help, or a friend, or a family member who returns their phone calls.

Well now they've figured it out. They're suing to overturn Arizona! Or something like that. That's right, they have decided that ALL THE ARIZONA ELECTIONS are no longer valid, going back to 2018, and they are demanding in a quo warranto petition that the Arizona Supreme Court invalidate them all and replace 19 particular officeholders with ... themselves? Sure why not!

And who is themselves? Well, that is redacted for their own personal safety, sirs and madams! Among the 19 officials named in the filing are Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone, state Treasurer Kimberly Yee, a few mayors, and some others. These 19, according to this court filing, are inadvertent usurpers, because ... because REASONS. And the people bringing this suit are qualified electors who are "entitled to the seats in question," because ... because MORE REASONS.

They note that in times past, when vacancies have occurred, the governor has tended to appoint "pedigreed, well known politicians," but assures the Court that "this is not necessary." It is fine for the governor to just appoint QAnon idiots sniffing ballots for bamboo fibers to all the seats in Arizona.

But of course, they note that in this case, the governor cannot appoint the new people, because the governor himself is an inadvertent usurper. Therefore the Arizona Supreme Court has to do it. It's only right and lawful!

The anonymous petitioners explain:

Our rights have been grossly violated and injury occurred and is occurring. The facts show clearly egregious illegality. Results of these failures render null the leadership in place. In these times of crisis, we need bold, clear decision and leadership. The court must not look the other way as citizens bring these facts before the court. Invalid processes, non-contracted labs and continued mismanagement and records tampering are very serious when it comes to our national security apparatus and Arizona citizens rights. An unelected commission and several [voting system test lab] contract vendors did not follow the set forth rules as to the most basic conditions for being allowed to oversee and inspect the systems and devices that protect our most precious voice. Compliance to standards set by law did not happen and contractual fraud occurred on a broad scale. These missteps invalidate the very processes set in place by law and render outcomes null.

That is a really long-winded way of saying "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!" Flawless logic, otherwise.

Basically, they allege that Arizona did all its elections wrong, because all the machines were bad and improperly certified, and that this has been going on since 2018, or maybe even 2016. Obviously they have all the evidence proving this in the appendix to their filing that as far as we can tell does not yet exist.

Argue with this:

By filing this quo warranto we expose that Arizona's elections in 2018, 2019 (Tuscon), and 2020, were illegally held, per the HAVA law and corresponding state statute, and therefore null and void. (It is most likely the case that the 2016 elections could be included but will not be in this filing). [FIND EVIDENCE SET FORTH FULLY IN APPENDIX]

May the court understand that election equipment was designated to be critical infrastructure, and although this topic has been hyped and politicized, we stick to logic and facts as Petitioners bring the details forward. We see that the law was violated and that resulted in wide-scale inadvertent usurpation.

Those are words. May no man come forth to dispute that those are words.

Wonkette's Liz Dye noted yesterday at her other gig at Above the Law that it's probably just a coincidence that there are 19 [redacted] petitioners here, and 19 Arizona officials who are definitely totally great big inadvertent usurpers. Vice has an idea of who the petitioners might be, though:

[T]he group does give some indication of who they are by calling themselves "We the People," a widely used phrase in the QAnon community.

One of the people involved in the "We the People" group is Daniel Wood, a former Marine who was a Republican candidate for Congress in last November's elections.

Wood, who was beaten by Democratic rival Rep. Raul Grijalva, is mentioned at the bottom of a press release about the lawsuit which was published by the right-wing website the Gateway Pundit.

Also listed on the press release is Josh Barnett, a businessman who says he is a Republican candidate for Congress in 2022.

"As average citizens of Arizona, from all walks of life, we have discovered that our past elections in 2018 thru 2020 are out of compliance per the U.S. Election Assistance Commission," Wood and Barnett claim in the press release.

Hate it when average citizens from all walks of life discover such things.

Well this just all sounds really legit, we'll let you know when it succeeds beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

[very good legal smart words petition / Vice]

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