QAnon Idiots Marched On Hollywood To Demand Celebs Stop Eating Babies

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Take a moment and think. In a hypothetical universe where all of us were very stupid and genuinely, truly believed in our heart of hearts that Hollywood celebrities and powerful people all over the world were eating babies, and also molesting trafficked mole children in evil Satanic rites, in order to harvest their pineal glands at just the right moment to obtain a drug that will result in them getting super high/becoming immortal ...

What would we do?

Well, it's unlikely that we would do anything before proving it was actually true. There are so many absolutely provably true things to get outraged about that we very rarely have time to invent them. The only semi-comparable thing I can think of is how I continue generally boycotting Coca-Cola just to be safe because I can't quite figure out if we're still boycotting Coca-Cola over the murders of those union workers in Colombia or not. But when we do believe things are true (and have proof), we organize, we protest, we boycott, etc. etc. It's seemed a little strange, frankly, that the people who believe in a secret Satanic baby harvesting cabal were not doing that. That they spent their time doing "research" that led nowhere and swarming the Twitter posts of various celebrities.

But now they are! Or on Friday they were! Yes, a roving group of the absolute stupidest people in the nation got together on Friday to March on Hollywood, including to the CNN building, in order to absolutely demand that people stop eating babies.

They even stormed the CNN building, where one might assume they kept a whole room full of mole children for guests in need of an adrenochrome boost, were this a real thing that was happening.

Hollywood protestors stormed CNN with Pizzagate & QAnon signs - Save The Children!

This sign in particular was pretty great. Clearly, these people take child molestation very seriously if they are determining who is and is not a pedophile by whether or not they honk their car horns.

The assumption here — that everyone is a pedophile until proven otherwise — is pretty fucking scary. It suggests that pedophilia is far more "normal" to these people than it actually is in real life.

In many of the comments below these tweets are QAnon people saying crap like "Oh so you think pedophilia is GOOD?" or "This was a Save The Children protest! What? You don't want to save the children?" and it really does give you an idea of why they've chosen to go this route. People, obviously, are horrified by pedophilia. Who can think of anything more horrifying? No one wants to be pro-pedophilia! So it makes sense, if you want people not to question you, it is very clever to frame everything as "Well then, if you don't agree with me, or if you hate Trump, you're a pedophile!" It's also a very good way to rationalize electing or supporting Trump. It's a lot less horrifying to have elected him if he's secretly battling cabals of pedophiles. "Oh, you think people who voted for Trump are racist? Well we think you're all pedophiles! So there!"

One thing to note here. QAnon people and Pizzagate people, unlike Black Lives Matter or antifa activists, have actually killed people. Both here and abroad. They have shot up pizza parlors. They have planned bombings. They have tried to assassinate Joe Biden. They have kidnapped their own family members and led police on high speed chases across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They are categorized by the FBI as a violent extremist threat. Unlike Black Lives Matter or antifa activists.

And yet ... not a single cop in riot gear was seen anywhere near that protest. So weird!

Awkwardly, there were also marches across the country on Thursday last week to protest actual child sex trafficking. Though it's hard to know how many of the people getting involved are getting involved because they believe in a weird fantasy about Donald Trump fighting satanic pedophile rings, and it would be very unfortunate for organizations doing actual good work to be infiltrated by those people.

This would all be very funny (and, yeah, it kind of still is), if the QAnon idiots were not being courted by the Trump administration so blatantly. As an article in today's Washington Post on this blossoming love affair tells it:

Outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, Kayleigh McEnany raised a microphone to a mega-fan and asked what it felt like to be acknowledged by President Trump at his February rally in Sin City.

At the time a spokeswoman for Trump's reelection campaign, McEnany nodded as the supporter said the shout-out was most meaningful because of the words on the shirt he was wearing, which he read aloud: "Where we go one, we go all," the motto of QAnon conspiracy theorists who believe Trump is battling a cabal of deep-state saboteurs who worship Satan and traffic children for sex.

McEnany, who has since become the White House press secretary, continued, asking the supporter, "If you could say one thing to the president, what would you say?"

"Who is Q?" he replied, inquiring about the mysterious online figure behind the baseless theory. McEnany smiled and said, "Okay, well, I will pass all of this along."

Well, that is certainly terrifying! And also the least explicit of the recent overtures the Trump campaign has made to these maniacs:

As the worldview took shape online, its followers flocked to Trump rallies with QAnon apparel and placards. Recently, as the election has drawn closer, actions by the president and his associates have brought them more directly into the fold.

The Trump campaign's director of press communications, for example, went on a QAnon program and urged listeners to "sign up and attend a Trump Victory Leadership Initiative training." QAnon iconography has appeared in official campaign advertisements targeting battleground states. And the White House's director of social media and deputy chief of staff for communications, Dan Scavino, has gone from endorsing praise from QAnon accounts to posting their memes himself.

This is definitely not going to end well.

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