QAnon Lady So Mad Satan Tricking People To Believe Science Instead Of Their Guts

QAnon Lady So Mad Satan Tricking People To Believe Science Instead Of Their Guts

On some internet news show hosted by some guy named Stew Peters, whoever the hell he is, QAnon conspiracy theorist and former Republican congressional hopeful DeAnna Lorraine posited that encouraging people to get vaccinated against a virus that could kill them just might be a "modern-day Holocaust." Apparently conspiracy theorists think they can get people to take them more seriously if they compare whatever they're mad about to the Holocaust. Like these anti-vaxxers who held a protest in which they wore yellow Star of David badges in order to compare their own plight in being pressured to get vaccines to that of victims of systemic genocide.

She explained:

This is truly the final take over. This is like the modern-day Holocaust, except for it's global, and they're trying to separate people from their families, they're trying to separate people from polite society and ostracize people if they're not getting the vaccine.

Refusing to get a vaccine is really just one of a number of reasons these people should be ostracized by polite society. Because they're not polite. It is bad manners for someone to put the rest of us in danger and compromise our ability to even get close to herd immunity, all because they insist upon believing things that are not true.

However, nobody is actually advocating they should be forcibly separated. That would be different.

Anyone who's hesitant about the vaccine for obvious reasons because of vaccine shedding and missed periods and spontaneous abortions, death, cerebral palsy ...

Vaccine shedding is not a real thing, it is another ridiculous conspiracy theory made up by anti-vaxxers who think they can turn the tables on normal people and ostracize them by claiming vaccinated people can "shed" the virus, which will somehow cause pregnant women to have miscarriages. There have been some effects on menstrual cycles, but nothing all that concerning. The "spontaneous abortion" thing is also bullshit. And no one is getting cerebral palsy from a vaccine, as cerebral palsy is a congenital disorder, meaning it is something people are born with. She may be thinking of temporary Bell's Palsy, which a few people in the Pfizer study had, but which was later determined likely to not be related to the vaccine.

Stew Peters then interjected to suggest Democrats probably want all of those things and are especially excited about the spontaneous abortions, because of how we hate families and want to murder all of the babies.

That these things are not true, however, does not matter to Lorraine, because the truly evil thing about this vaccine push, according to her, is that it is part of Satan's plan to get people to trust science instead of their gut. So if she were to stop believing all that stuff she just made up was true, she would basically just be giving in to Satan. Satan loves science and hates DeAnna Lorraine's guts.

Of course, if I were to believe my own gut, I would believe that I didn't even have a gut, because I really just hate thinking about internal organs and the digestive system — which could end up being quite dangerous for me should I ever develop diverticulitis. And that is just one of the many, many reasons why it's better to believe science over one's "gut."


[Right Wing Watch]

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