QAnon Geniuses Ready To Sue 'The MSM' For Making Them Look Stupid :(


Over the past month or so, there have been a plethora of QAnon explainers in the "mainstream media" (of course, if you read Wonkette, you have been hep to this bullshit since April, at least). Explainers, which, by explaining what the QAnon people actually believe, make them look like idiots.

As a result, when these people tell their friends and family about how they are getting special transmissions from a secret government agent through 8chan -- a site notorious for both trolls and child pornography -- about the secret war Donald Trump is waging against underground Satanic pedophile rings that harvest the blood and adrenal glands of children in order to make adrenochrome, a substance that can also be made by letting an Epi-pen expire or by oxidizing epinephrine in a lab, those people kind of think they are bonkers. Whereas, surely, this would all seem very normal to everyone, had it not been for that pesky mainstream media making it seem ridiculous.

But the "researchers" are thinking about striking back! In a recent post on the Great Awakening, the subreddit for all your important QAnon info, one "patriot" suggested that they may be able to sue the mainstream media for making them look bonkers. This is, of course, a thing that is very possible to do. You just send your lawsuit and a S.A.S.E to Mainstream Media, P.O. Box 666, Pueblo, CO, 81005, and then the mainstream media, which is definitely a single entity, will get back to you at its earliest convenience.

SuperFlySolo writes:

When this is all done, can we get a class action lawsuit going against the MSM for wrecking all our families?
No Joke.

The amount of division and pain the MSM has caused is incalculable. Just got accused by my 67 year old mother for spewing lies and aligning to a hateful ideology. Truth bombed her about Manfort being exonerated 8 years ago by Rosenstein. Truth bombed her about operation Mockingbird. Truth bombed her about Oleg Deripaska's relationship with Steele and Podesta Group's involvement with Manafort. She then has the audacity to call them lies but can't provide evidence. Just turns on me and tries to make me think I''m irrational.

I'm serious,, the MSM is responsible for this shit. How many families have been fighting for the past two-years? Breakups. divorces, fired, estranged families and ex-friends. God damn the MSM, I can't wait anymore. Let's just sue them now.

Oh man, his poor mother.

The post was incredibly popular, with lots of other "researchers" weighing in on how their families want nothing to do with them now.

Covpepe1776 writes:

I'm sleeping on the couch again tonight because I had a flair up. I hope this turns out to all be truer than true. My wife wants to divorce me soon possibly because she thinks I'm in a cult group for reading this stuff. It sucks. I'm do sick over it.

Foxfire2810 reminds his fellow patriots that this will all be over once they are fully vindicated:

I feel you. Think about all the lives we've lost, all the soldiers, all the children. Take a moment. We're the Citizen Press now, Patriot. We'll never need these shills again. The world is changing and we're gonna change it. This is the Great Awakening. No one will have a choice in the near future but to see all of this. No one.

Run, TruthAge's girlfriend, RUN!

Goodness. Yes, I agree with you. I don't know what everybody is going through entirely, but what I've been through has really changed my life. I've lost friends, been accused of all kinds of things, and almost had my gf turn against me during gamergate. She read the wiki on it and thought I was some kind of Nazi for being pro-gamergate. We have been abused, criticized, shamed, misrepresented. And we kept turning to the liberals. While the liberals (commie liberals, I'm not saying the caring classical woke liberals) certainly seemed like the enemy, the real enemy is/was the elite and MSM.

RayReddit's in-laws and brother want nothing to do with him and don't even believe him when he says Trump is taking on the "Privet Prison Industry"!

Same story here. I don't really talk to my 70 year old parent-in-laws anymore (or even my college educated younger brother and his wife) because all they watch is MSNBC/CNN and NPR, and they've learned only to hate a straw man of me. I can't talk to them about anything at all!

Recently, pops made some delusional comment about Trump being a Cronie Capitalist giving kickbacks his buddies in the Privet Prison Industry!! I was tired of the insanity and spoke up, saying Trump is actually working to break up all that sort of thing and have Prison Reforms. This guy got emotionally upset with me for even hinting at a defense of Trumps character! If only they knew what was going on here!

RebelGhirl, who we can safely assume is not actually a Bikini Kill fan, wrote:

I've cut contact off with my Dad now. He literally said to me on the phone tonight that Trump is the Most Immoral President to ever hold office. To which I asked if he was watching CIA controlled CNN. I'm devastated. That was the most ignorant thing he's ever said to me In my whole life. Tonight he lost all my respect.

What it is they think they'd be able to sue for is not clear. Alienation of affection?

Oddly enough, this actually gets to the heart of what is ultimately so goddamned cruel about this QAnon bullshit. Whoever is pulling the hoax is manipulating the shit out of people who just want to feel like they're important, who want to feel like they're smart because they've never been treated like they're smart before, and using that vulnerability to make them so delusional that no one else wants anything to do with them.

One of the defining characteristics of cults is alienating people from their friends and families. One of the easiest ways to manipulate people is by giving them confidence about the thing they're most unsure about. With religious groups, it's giving people a guarantee of salvation and a plan to get there. With this, with conspiracies in general, it's about making people who have never felt like others take them seriously finally feel like they are the smart ones.

Look at this comment:

Think how I feel. I have tow daughters in collage, one at UC Santa Cruz the other at UC Davis Studying environmental science. I'm just an uneducated entrepreneur who doesn't know anything about anything Dad! I was smart enough to shut cable off 20 years ago because I saw it as fake news back then and, raise very intelligent children, until they hit college that is. Dumb old dad got them through collage without any loans... thanks capitalism!!!

That is a man who feels left behind and disrespected by his children, whom he can likely no longer relate to in a lot of ways, and who he thinks look down on him. He is vulnerable.

Same with this person and their anger with their college-educated nieces and nephews:

I have had to cut contact to almost all my college educated neices,and nephews - any of them that finished school in the past 8 years or so. When they want to start rants at family gatherings, I have to tell them to drop any political discourse as half of their relatives have opposing viewpoints. Save it for your friends.

I am betting a year from now they will be shocked as their entire belief structure collapses!

These people keep promising each other that they will be vindicated. That all of the "so-called-smart people" who thought they were so stupid and so delusional will eventually find out that they were right all along.

But ultimately, it's about respect. It's about feeling like they're finally being seen the way they most desperately and secretly want to be seen, by "QAnon" and the QAnon community at large -- not as uneducated, worthless cafones, or as the family kook, but as true patriots fighting for a righteous cause, as rebels with a cause, as brilliant and clever "researchers," as people who cannot be fooled, and as the only people who know what's really going on. These people feel disrespected and looked down upon, and that makes them vulnerable to an ideology that promises them that "I'll show them all!" moment without much actual effort on their part other than simply believing it. The irony here, of course, is that believing this shit is going to make them seem even more repulsive to everyone around them than they did previously.

It is actually pretty sad.

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