QAnon People REJOICE Over Trump Indictment!

QAnon People REJOICE Over Trump Indictment!

You might expect that Donald Trump's most devoted followers would be devastated or outraged by his forthcoming, still-sealed indictment — and that may be true for some of them — but the QAnon faithful are mostly rejoicing. No, they haven't turned their backs on him (well ... some of them have — a guy who calls himself GhostEzra, in particular, but that is a story for another day), they just think it is part of the "plan" that they have been trusting for the last six years.

Tiger Woods/Guy in Zubaz meme: Tiger Woods labeled 'Trump haters excited about his indictment' Guy in Zubaz labeled 'Trump supporters also excited about it'

On the main QAnon message board, Great Awakening, commenters seem to be in agreement that this is all part of the lead-up to THE STORM. In case you need a refresher, THE STORM is the thing they've all been waiting for all these years. The day when Trump's "White Hats" declare martial law and start arresting all of his political enemies/the cabal/the Satanic child sex trafficking and eating ring/Tom Hanks, conduct their trials on air for 10 days, and then publicly execute them all while the "Anons" sit back with their popcorn and "enjoy" the show while we all freak out and look to them for answers about what is going on, finally realizing that they are beautiful, misunderstood geniuses who have actually been right about everything all along.

The going theory seems to be that this will set a precedent so that when all of the other ex-presidents start getting indicted and arrested, we will all think of it as a normal thing to do.

One said:

Only anons would be happy about this. We know the game and we love watching this movie :)
Now when former presidents are arrested the normies will be conditioned to think it's not a big deal, when they are indicted for SERIOUS crimes against humanity. Meanwhile Trump was indicted for .... now, hear me out, a STORMy Daniels payment!


This is the event that will unite liberty loving Americans to finally see what we need to do. God is in control. He's driving right now. NCSWIC. It's going to be biblical. I'm ready and I know all of us on this board are.

NCSWIC is not a new crime show on CBS, it is an acronym meaning "Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming," a common QAnon catchphrase.


This isn't hitting me like I thought it would. I have opined before about how I used to be pretty good at chess. Had I stayed with it, eventually I would have become a grandmaster, although by no means am I comparing myself to the greats - Kasparov, Karlsson, Fischer et alii - I just made it to master. The point being is this...if I ever were to play President Trump, I would be scared shitless. People have no earthly idea what a massive fucking mistake was just made. I get this funny feeling that he's just getting started. I'm excited in a way, but apprehensive as well. I am not going to pray as I don't believe in prayer, but I will remain alert, more so than I have ever been in my sixty years on this planet. Holy cow.


We are traveling the path of least collateral damage. The future proves past in this case. The arrest of President Trump initiates an important shift in the narrative wherein it is now common place to investigate, indict, and arrest former Presidents.

Had Clinton or Bush been arrested, the normies would have still been under the C.I.A. brainwashing programming and would have undoubtedly fed the Civil War narrative that the Cabal so desperately want. They will all be arrested in time, but the narrative must be put in place before such happenings can commence.

It cannot be understated just how important narrative control is in this situation. The narrative is the battlefield of this 5th Generation War.

Several are citing various Q 'proofs' that they believe may refer to the indictment (because of how Q is a time traveler and can predict the future), specifically one that says "First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening. First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction. They will fight you but you are ready."

Others noted that yesterday was "0" on the Q Clock — a website that no longer exists but which had been counting down to "something" for some time now.

First tweet: If Donald Trump said he would not run for President and just go away to live in Ibiza, every investigation into him would go away.  But he loves America so much he refuses to quit.  I don\u2019t know how anyone can see that & not admire it.  I\u2019m not even American and it inspires me!The q clock stopped yesterday.   And that very same day. Trump was indicted.   There are no coincidences.

On Telegram, QAnon influencer/time traveler/former Ohio Secretary of State candidate ToreSays claimed:

Wait didn't we have CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS about OBAMAS GAY LOVER who supplied him drugs and sex with? Didn't he pay him HUSH money ? Why wasn't he indicted? Impeached?
That's ok.
Now we can impeach President's no longer in Office.
Now we can indict them too.

We did not! Largely because that was not a real thing.

Also on Telegram, rightwing conspiracy site X22 posted:

The bait was taken, Trump will watch the board, he will watch the Republican Party on how they react

He now has the key players chanting the same slogan


The Precedent has been set, we now know the path forward

Arrests of Former Presidents has been set

Game Over

Now, sure, you may think that this makes absolutely no sense, because no one ever said that former presidents or current presidents or soon-to-be-presidents were free to do all the crime they want. Well, except for Gerald Ford. Surely if there were actual proof that all of the other living presidents are part of a baby-eating Satanic cabal, no one would have a problem indicting them. The biggest obstacle in their way is that these crimes, much like President Obama's secret lover, are things they made up.

Trump's crimes, however — at least according to a grand jury — are real.

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