QAnon People Still 'Trusting The Plan,' Mastering The Denial Stage Of The Grieving Process

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QAnon People Still 'Trusting The Plan,' Mastering The Denial Stage Of The Grieving Process

I don't know about you all, but I plan on alternating between celebrating and schadenfreuding for the rest of day. Maybe the whole weekend. Maybe the whole next week. It has been an exhausting four years.

I have no illusions that the QAnon people will be throwing themselves off of cliffs or what have you, unable to process the fact that it was all a lie. The Millerites didn't do that when the world didn't end, there never really was any true "Great Disappointment," they just readjusted and became Seventh Day Adventists and whathaveyou. Same deqal with the Jehovahs and all of their end of the world predictions. And the Panacea Society who were really hoping that someday, there would be a national crisis and 24 Bishops would get together and open's Joanna Southcott's box (not a euphemism, an actual box) and they'd get all of the answers or whatever. I think they did open it at one point only to find that it was filled with crap like a lottery ticket, some random papers, probably some soy sauce packets, I don't know.

And, of course, there were The Seekers, the Chicago-based UFO cult that predicted the apocalypse and then, when the apocalypse didn't happen, claimed their prayers had staved it off.

There are still Heaven's Gate people around, who think all the ones who suicided actually got cometed away to the next level above human. The two who run the site and "Sawyer," who actually still maintains a blog, in case you are looking for a quality internet hole to fall into. Heck, last I checked, they had a new follower, even.

I could probably talk about this for longer than necessary, but like — suffice it to say, most of these people are gonna keep the crazy coming for quite some time. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.

Right now, like the rest of TrumpWorld, they are still in the denial stage. Q hasn't posted anything since November 3, but they are still trusting in the plan. Now, perhaps, more than ever.

It reads:

I can't keep the smile off of my face. I have not smiled this much and this frequently in a long time. My face actually hurts.

POTUS, the military and Q are in control and playing this out perfectly.
What a time to be alive and watch the entire systematic distraction of the old guard.
The faggots running in the streets and celebrating with Biden Harris flags right now are going to be hit the hardest when they find out Biden lost and their TV lied to them. It's just too funny. I absolutely love it.
Fox News is full melt down telling everyone that POTUS is going to have to accept it sooner or later. They all took the bait. Q even told us that this would happen. They openly stated that those we think we trust are controlled, and will out themselves over time. Now is that time.
God Bless America.
Time to smoke a cigar and drink a beer frens.

Honestly ... that is just impressive. I am legitimately impressed.

Of course, not all of the anons are that excited. Some are confused as to why everyone seems to think Biden won even though, obviously, Trump won in a landslide.

Wow, this gaslighting is next level...

I mean, right now I really don't know what to think. The gaslighting is so massive that it's hard to see how Q and Q+ can counter. They had 4 years to arrest all these people, now time is short. Fight it in court, but what about public opinion and optics... People called the play before, but seeing it like this, it's like wow... Trump won in a landslide, but right now it feels like Biden won... It's insane... A nuclear bomb of truth has to drop to counter this mess.... It will be interesting to see what happens now for sure... rambling away here, cause I am really confused about the plan at this point...

So weird!

Anyway! Continue open threading, celebrating and what have you! ENJOY THE SHOW YOUR DAY!

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