QAnon/Pizzagate Conspiracists Try For Respectability Rebrand With #SaveTheChildren

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QAnon/Pizzagate Conspiracists Try For Respectability Rebrand With #SaveTheChildren

In recent weeks, the QAnon conspiracy movement has been attracting a lot of attention, largely because so many candidates for office have either outed themselves as supporters or tried to gesture support without full realizing what they are about. At first, supporters were delighted, declaring #WeAreTheNews and #WeAreTheNewMainstream. They imagined this would result in them finally getting the respect they felt they deserved.

It didn't really work out that way. What's happened is that more people know what their deal is and are thus inoculated against any possible "red pilling." Basically, it's bad for them if people find out that the things they make up cannot possibly be true before they have a chance to get to them.

It's unclear if this is related or not, but several prominent Qultists have recently called it quits, including Dylan Wheeler, the artist formerly known as "Educating Liberals."

Many of them have now turned to a new tactic: "We are just Good Samaritans who want to #SaveTheChildren — why don't you?" In the last couple weeks, the hashtag has popped up several times on Twitter and Facebook trends, mostly from posters who are intentionally obscuring their association with Q. Many of them marched on Hollywood and in various other cities in an attempt to positively associate themselves and their movement with legitimate anti-child-sex-trafficking work.

It's gotten so bad that the actual child welfare organization called Save The Children has had to put out a statement saying it is not in any way associated with QAnonsense:

Save the Children is an international humanitarian organization that has been protecting children around the world for over 100 years.

In the United States, Save the Children is the sole owner of the name "Save the Children" which is a registered trademark.

While many people may choose to use our organization's name as a hashtag to make their point on different issues, we are not affiliated or associated with any of these campaigns.

This did not sit well with the anons, who felt the 100-year-old nonprofit organization should be the one to change its name, because all Save The Children does is feed and clothe and provide healthcare for kids, without even saving them from imaginary Satanic cabals.

They've also been attempting to associate themselves with legitimate anti-child-sex-trafficking orgs, such as Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

Wonkette has reached out to OUR and will update this post when we hear back.

Disconcertingly, several of the QAnoners have mentioned wanting to volunteer or even work for for such nonprofits — which, if undiscovered, could lead to some pretty serious harm coming to those kids. Organizations like OUR help with aftercare of children who have been sexually exploited, and we've seen what happens to children when people who are invested in proving Satanic Ritual Abuse is real get involved in things.

One of the more popular tactics they've been using on social media is reporting the (actually true) statistic that 800,000 children go missing in the US each year. What they neglect to mention is that 99 percent of those children are later found and less than 350 of them are the result of stranger abductions. This really puts a dent in their insinuations that all of these children are being dragged into Satanic pedophile rings and having their pineal and/or adrenal glands harvested (depending on which noted QAnon scientist you ask) for adrenochrome.

By associating their movement with actual organizations and people who do actual work to prevent child sex trafficking and peppering their tweets with half-true statistics, they are hoping their movement will seem more credible and legitimate than it actually is.

Of course, when you are dealing with people who believe bizarre and obviously untrue things, those bizarre and obviously untrue things have a way of seeping in. Eventually.


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