QAnoners Figure It Out: Biden's Lead Just Sting Operation To Catch Dems Doing Vote Crimes

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QAnoners Figure It Out: Biden's Lead Just Sting Operation To Catch Dems Doing Vote Crimes

The Sting (1973)

Despite the mounting odds against them, Trump supporters are still extremely optimistic about their chances of winning this election. And, of course, we're all sitting here, on edge, spilling coffee all over ourself every time CNN issues a "KEY RACE ALERT" only to find that it's the exact same thing they reported an hour ago. Because I don't know about you, but I just won't be able to bring myself to unclench or to even get slightly optimistic until I know for sure the whole thing is over and Trump is out. As in literally, physically out of the White House.

Among the most optimistic of all are followers of Q who, as you have surely guessed, still "trust the plan" and have "figured out" that actually what is happening right now is a sting operation, set up by the Department of Homeland Security, designed to catch Democrats in the act of trying to steal the vote.

The nonsense included in the meme above — which mostly focuses on Broward County in Florida — is somewhat outdated now, what with Trump having won Florida. But since they've expanded the theory to, well, everywhere else in the nation, it's worth taking a look at. According to this particular scheme, this whole plan was hatched back in 2016 and is just coming to fruition now.

Back in 2018:

The fake pipe bomber provided pretext to flood Broward county with DHS operatives that have had ample time to forensically mark every pre-printed ballot and set all video surveillance systems in place within the Broward County Voting Office. Imagine using Palantir AI in conjunction with FISA warrants and Trump's 9.12.18 EO to legally cross reference social media profiles, texts and calls of illegal voters swept up by FISA unmaskings. What if we tracked those cell phone locations on Election Day.

This makes total sense because obviously all of the ballots for the 2020 election had been pre-printed. The "fake pipe bomber" they are talking about, by the way, is Cesar Sayoc, whom they have long believed to be a plant to make Trump supporters look crazy. So the DHS did a false flag meant to make Trump supporters look bad, but which would also help Trump win the 2020 election by preventing Democrats from dumping a bunch of fake ballots in with the real ones.

And then, now:

The good guys know Reps will win, so DHS allows just enough hacking by bad actors to let the Dems get close enough to win to risk fraud and take that bait. In the meantime, we have our surveillance aircraft circling above that are tracking every cell phone for every illegal voter and every forensically marked ballot. Trap set. Future proves past fraud. Best of all, the optics are amazing. America begins to trust FBI and DOJ again. DNC and Dems are destroyed. Fake news is destroyed and DHS swallows up CIA for good.

It certainly is very intricate!

Now, Trump has already won Florida, so Broward County is not much of an issue. But they're still on the watermark thing. Basically, they think that Trump had all of the real ballots watermarked so you can tell them from the fake ones that Joe Biden had shipped in from China.

How do they know this? WHELL. Back in 2018, Q issued two separate drops reading "watch the water." And that can only mean one thing, really — that Donald Trump had all of the "real" ballots watermarked in order to catch Democrats trying to steal the election with fake ones. It's just the only thing that makes sense!

Yeah! All of this is very possible, states do not print their own ballots, and it is definitely how everything works!

Over on Voat, they're pleased to discover why Trump isn't "panicking" or doing anything like trying to stop the vote in places where he is losing.

Q post 847, and 756 both say only, "watch the water". Earliest is feb 15, 2018. It means watch the water maker. Q did say these people are stupid. Did he give them a clue that early on and they were to stupid and still fell in the trap?

No wonder POTUS is not panicking and allowing all they time necessary to get as many "fake" ballots in. Beyond brilliant is all I can say. Well played Mr President!

According to one person on /pol/, these are the pictures of said watermark.

This person also believes that it's been designed to look like the election is close so that we accept it as fair and do not riot. Because we are so much more scary than the armed Trump supporters invading Philly right now. Duh.

Of course, QAnon people are not the only ones spreading stupid conspiracy theories. Just yesterday, Eric Trump pushed a conspiracy that Virginia Beach was caught burning Trump ballots, which they were not. They were sample ballots, as the City of Virginia Beach confirmed on Tuesday.

And that's far from the only one. The disinformation is very strong in this election, and it's unlikely to stop once it's over. However, on the bright side, if things work out the way we hope, at least we won't have to worry about it coming from inside the White House. So that will be nice.

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