Quarter-Billionaire Mitt Romney A Total Communist Now (Because He Hadn't Flip-Flopped On That Yet)


We can't rule out, regarding this tweet above that posits the unlikely claim that His Lord High ... fuck it, Mitt Romney ... is "concerned" about the growing wealth gap, the possibility that Romney was talking about the shocking disparities in life opportunity between millionaires and billionaires.

This new opinion is just a little bit at variance from that time in January 2012 when Romney went on the Today Show to complain that any talk of an income gap was based in envy and class warfare, and that questions about distribution of wealth are just so unseemly: "I think it’s fine to talk about those things in quiet rooms." (And then, of course, when he did talk about it in a quiet room, somebody went and recorded it. Oops.)

We will be waiting here quite eagerly for Newt Gingrich to sexplain that Mitt Romney is doin' the Class War, with the envy and the pitchforks, except oh we guess we won't because the Growing Income Gap is obviously Obama's Fault, so carry on.

[Twitter via Gawker; tip from alert Wonkette Operative Scott P]

Doktor Zoom

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