Was Queen Elizabeth A Satanic Lizard Person Who Died Of The Covid Vaccine?

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Was Queen Elizabeth A Satanic Lizard Person Who Died Of The Covid Vaccine?

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Throughout the last couple of weeks, the authoritarian Right has been mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth and extolling the virtues of imperialism, with some even longing for a monarchy of our own to spend a stupid amount of our money on. Better than giving people health care or child care, I guess.

On the other hand, however, you have the conspiratorial Right. While there is certainly some overlap between the two groups when it comes to things like "The Great Replacement," there is significantly less when it comes to the royal family. Since the queen's death, these types have been spreading a variety of conspiracy theories about how she died, whether she died now or several years ago, and whether or not she was even a human being.

There are people out there claiming she died from the COVID vaccine, which she did not — though these same people have attributed practically every death of every vaccinated celebrity to the COVID vaccine, including Betty White, who died at age 100 earlier this year. Who knows, if not for that vaccine, she might have lived to 200, as people are known to do.

Some Q people are saying that the Queen died 911 days after the pandemic was declared and 1776 days after the first Q drop, though they have yet to settle on what that means. Surely it is something very deep.

There are also those citing the conspiracy site Zetatalk, which "confirmed" that the queen had already been executed by military tribunals for her various crimes and replaced by a double in 2019.

Queen Elizabeth was scheduled to be executed by the military Tribunals which are taking place in the US and the UK. These Tribunals confiscated the Queen’s illicit funds in December of 2016, as noted in Nancy’s Newsletter. As noted by an insider, her death sentence for numerous crimes was issued July 13, and 30 days later enforced. What crimes has the Queen, personally, been guilty of? The Queen had Diana killed because Diana had learned of the Epstein blackmail scheme - Netanyahu and his Khazarian banking empire at the helm. The Queen, as part of the Nazi bloodline, the Illuminati control, was fully involved, and this included child sacrifice, which she condoned.

Queen Elizabeth was confident that due to her high position, and very public presence, that she would be spared and allowed to live out her life in luxury. But military Tribunals rise above political posturing or the power any royalty might assume. Tribunal executions are in full swing, and to send a strong message to those who were formerly blackmailed into cooperation with Satan worshipers, the very top leadership is demonstrably executed.

It will probably be difficult to successfully send a strong message if these military tribunals keep replacing all of the people they kill with body doubles.

One of the more popular theories is one that has been around for a very long time (and which, in fact, inspired my 2018 Halloween costume), and that is the one about how the queen is a lizard person. This first started in a 1999 book by David Icke called The Biggest Secret, in which the former footballer explained that, actually, the entire British Royal Family, the Rothschilds, the Bushes, and nearly all world leaders were in fact seven-foot-tall shapeshifting, blood-drinking lizard people from the Alpha Draconis star system, hell-bent on controlling the world and destroying humanity. For reasons.


As you may have guessed from the inclusion of the Rothschilds, many people have seen this theory as more of an allegory for an antisemitic conspiracy theory, but Icke has insisted throughout the years that he is talking about literal Lizard People. This is not to say he's not still very antisemitic, because he does think Jewish people bankrolled Hitler — just that he claims to believe that the lizard people he believes in are literal reptilian humanoid shapeshifters, a disproportionate number of whom happen to be Jewish. By pure coincidence, of course.

While the theory has been popular on YouTube throughout the years, with users posting untold numbers of videos of world leaders celebrities supposedly caught almost shapeshifting back into lizards on camera, it has really picked up some serious traction on TikTok over the last year.

It's the mournful face of the presenter that really sells this one.


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It's mostly a lot of Taylor Swift shapeshifting videos, but some do get into more detail.


🦖🌎🚀 #extraterrestrials #extraterrestrialspecies #theuniverse #alienspecies #alienraces #starseeds #alienlover #astralprojection

And now a whole bunch of people are out here still claiming, even after the Queen's death, that she is a reptilian shapeshifter. And not just any old reptilian shapeshifter. A Satanic reptilian shapeshifter.

This video in particular is interesting, as it features one Jeanette Archer, a woman who has for several years claimed to have been the victim of Satanic ritual abuse by the Queen and pretty much the entire royal family, and to have seen them shapeshift into 7'9" lizards on many occasions.


#LIKE #SHARE #queenelizabeth #royalfamily #reptilians #creepy #shapshifters #conspiracytiktok #fypシ What Are Your Thoughts On This?

Satanic ritual abuse, for the record, is not a real thing, but as NBC's Brandy Zadrozny reported this week, a full one-third of Americans surveyed in a poll this June "agreed that 'members of Satanic cults secretly abuse thousands of children every year.' One quarter agreed that 'Satanic ritual sex abuse is widespread in this country,' and 21% agreed that 'numerous preschools and public schools secretly engage in Satanic practices.'"

That is some pretty terrifying news when you consider the ways in which this belief has ruined lives and devastated communities across the country. Though it does explain why so many people here and abroad believed that the Queen's initiating ceremony at Eisteddfod’s Gorsedd of the Bards, which is some kind of arts festival in Wales, was in fact an occult or Satanic ritual of some kind.


Queen Elizabeth II druidic initiation

Though to be fair, these people have a long and storied history of confusing "art" with "Satanic ritual abuse."

There is a lot that was not great about the late Queen, starting from the mere existence of a "Royal Family" and moving on from there (to colonialism and genocide and what have you), but she was not a lizard or a Satanist. It is, frankly, a little bit offensive that, of all of the things one might criticize about Elizabeth and her reign and the Royal Family in general, that anyone would even bother going to these wells to begin with.

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