An alert Wonkette operative draws our attention to Judge John Roberts' gay-tastic-ness: He was a total snob about china patterns. Confusingly, both the moonbatty NPR's Nina Totenberg and the wingnuttier Washington Times picked up the story. Apparently, Roberts -- in his capacity as guardian of the Reagan legacy against pasty-faced moonwalking freaks (he doth protest too much?) and tacky Branson-bound collector's items -- advised the president's counsel to withhold the endorsement of "a new china pattern that the Boehm Porcelain Co. was selling." Wrote Roberts, "This would not only contravene established White House policy concerning endorsement of commercial products, but also, given this particular pattern, call into serious question the president's taste in dinner service." Roberts then flounced into the President's residence and started throwing out wire hangers. "Don't get me started on the shoulder pads, girlfriend!" he screamed, before making a flying tackle to wipe the rouge off of Nancy's cheeks.

Nominee supported prayer in schools, documents show [WT]

Roberts' Papers Reflect His Working Style [NPR]


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