Questions About College Prof's N-Word Jewish Covid Mind Control T-Shirt Already Answered By His T-Shirt

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Questions About College Prof's N-Word Jewish Covid Mind Control T-Shirt Already Answered By His T-Shirt

Ferris State University in Grand Big Rapids, Michigan, is being a big illiberal cancel culturer (again, presumably, since it is "college") and is silencing freethinkers who just want to "poke the dragon." Poking the dragon is done to "neutralize the n-word's power" as a "mindcontrol spell" by secretly tweeting it to a closed audience before deleting it some hours later; in some cases poking the dragon might be decrying the Jewish mafia, explaining that COVID-19 is enslaving humanity via a "mark of the Beast" nanotechnology injection, or stating that Bill Nye, Buzz Aldrin, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Anthony Fauci are "a part of a system of lies."

This guy is not Thomas Brennan, it's just some doucher harassing Buzz Aldrin

Thomas Brennan, a Ferris State physical sciences professor, has been placed on administrative leave by a bunch of satanic globalist elite leftists trying to enslave everyone under a one-world state (with microchips), just because he, Thomas Brennan, who loves everyone but especially loves Black people and (regular, not the elite Mafia) Jews, did some free speech to prove that he is a Free Man, not a person, but an individual. Thomas Brennan is the person; he is the agent to that name. (We are just spitballing at that last part, the Sovereign Citizen Magic Words, because of every other extremely lucid thing he is saying.)

For some reason (white men), the "illiberalness" of our system of higher learning occasionally being like "you can't say the n-word or rave about the Jewish mafia" is a greater threat to our Great Experiment than the actual president of the United States trying to throw out "all votes for the other guy." It's really weird! It's actually not that weird! They're just rich dudes who suck! But "having editors" is the greatest threat Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald face, except in Brazil, where all of a sudden Greenwald thinks fascism is bad.

I mean, credit to David Fucking Frum of all people:

Frum of course was not talking about any particular Ferris State dean or even this particular case; he was pointing out the ridiculousness of the posturing that occasional illiberalism in the Academy (and I'm sure he'd agree that suspending Thomas Brennan is not illiberalism but a matter of public safety, because that dude needs some help) might be equivalent to Bill Fucking Barr using the power of the state for the president's personal gain.

Below please find Thomas Brennan's statement to the Ferris State community, which we have copied here for posterity; all bolding helpfully provided by him.

To the Ferris Community,

The student newspaper, The Torch, recently published a hit piece attempting to smear me as science denier, racist and antisemite. I am none of those things.

This controversy started after I made a few statements in a College of Arts and Sciences meeting of faculty and staff about the Covid-19 pandemic. My statements were to the effect that I believe the Covid-19 pandemic is a stunt designed to enslave humanity and strip us of all of our rights and freedoms.

I don't believe that the pandemic is a hoax, people have died. But its severity is being exaggerated by revolutionary leftists in the media and government who 'never let a good crisis go to waste.' The end result of this hysteria, if unchecked, will be a mandatory vaccine. No one will be allowed into public places or permitted to buy food in a supermarket unless they present proof-of-vaccination. Initially, this electronic vaccination certificate will be tied to a person's smartphone, but will soon after be in the form of injectable micro or nanotechnology in the vaccine itself. If this comes about it will truly be a fulfillment of the prophecy of the mark of the beast, as described by St. John the Apostle in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13:16-17.

In order to distract people's attention away from that, and others points I'm trying to make, and to silence me and get me fired, the student newspaper, probably at the behest of leftist professors and administrators here at Ferris, have published a series of articles implying that I'm racist, antisemitic and a 'science denier.' These are the standard mindcontrol spells that leftists cast upon their enemies. Let me try to dispel them.

I have a Twitter account that I use as a 'hole to shout in.' I use the account to test the boundaries of language and ideas, and will sometimes say some things that sound inflammatory or strange. I keep it in a locked, private mode so that only my small number of followers can see my tweets, and I always delete the most controversial ones within a few hours to a day after typing them. It's been my way of 'poking the dragon.' Until now, it's gone unnoticed, but I have finally caught the attention of the 'cancel culture.' I knew this would eventually happen, and it's fine that it's happening now, as our society is reaching a crescendo of madness.

Let me address a few of these tweets, starting with the one where I used the 'n-word.' I believe the 'n-word' is a mind-control spell designed to make us hate each other. I am not racist against black people, I love and respect them. But I reject the premise that there are certain magic words that should never be used in any context or by certain people. I uttered the word to try to neutralize its power, and its implied meaning in the context of the tweet was as a synonym for 'human being,' or 'person,' since I used it to describe people of different races. I deleted this tweet within a few hours of typing it back in June 2019, way before I made the Covid-19 comment, so someone must have screen-shotted it and been building a portfolio to use against me for when the time came.

Ironically, my casual use of the 'n-word' in that tweet isn't the most controversial thing about it. It's that I'm calling out the huge scientific and historical frauds that I believe have been perpetrated since the mid-twentieth century. There is real science, but there is also fake science. Fake science is an instrument of oppression. I believe that Bill Nye, Buzz Aldrin, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Anthony Fauci are human beings of worth, as we all are, but I believe they are telling some lies and are a part of a system of lies.

Besides using the 'n-word,' a linguistic atom-bomb that I only used to get people's attention, I also said 'Atom Bombs are Fake.' The atom bomb has got to be one of the most fear-inducing, oppressive ideas of all time, and 'fear is the mind-killer.' After rewatching the footage of atomic bomb tests from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, it appears to me they are just films of explosions of large piles of TNT, made to look much bigger through special effects. By filming an explosion at a high frame-rate and playing it back in slowmotion, an impression of immensity can be achieved. Other special-effects techniques such as 'front projection,' 'forced perspective,' and superimposed images also seem to have been used in some of the footage. A combination of these techniques was used to produce the surprisingly real-looking tornado scene in the 1939 film, the Wizard of Oz. The best special effects were then, and are still, a military secret, and were only used sparingly in fictional films of the time to define a false frame of what was real on film. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire-bombed and flattened overnight with conventional bombs.

There is much more to the atom bomb deception, but let me move on. I also said: "the Moon landings are fake." The films of the Apollo moon landings were faked using the same special effects bag of tricks that was used to fake the bomb. But the most powerful argument for why I believe we did not land on the Moon is that the inner solar system is a blast furnace, and the sun-lit surface of the Moon is over 700 F, not 250 F, as NASA claims. That is why the Moon glows red during a lunar eclipse—not because of refracted red light from the Earth's atmosphere, as Bill Nye and Neil Tyson would have you believe. The shadow of the Earth's atmosphere is blue, not red.

Now I have to address the tweets I made about Jews and the 'Jewish mafia.' The Torch article conveniently didn't mention any of my undeleted tweets showing I support the existence of the state of Israel and I believe the Holocaust was real and not fake. The Holocaust was perpetrated against the Jews in order to highjack their nation and take them hostage. Hitler and the Nazis were the means to this end. Hitler was a golem, an evil monster whose rise to power only happened because he had financial support from global elites in the United States, Great Britain and other countries. King Edward was infamous for his early support of Hitler, and that's why he abdicated. Henry Ford, Prescott Bush and international corporations like Bayer and IBM were also supportive of the Nazi regime.

I do not believe that middle-class Jews are involved in an international conspiracy,
only that a small number of their elites are. Furthermore, the great majority of elites involved in this globalist conspiracy are not Jewish. It's not considered 'anti-Italic' to talk about an Italian mafia—no one would think you believe all Italians are in the mob if you were to talk about that—so it shouldn't be considered 'antisemitic' to talk about a Jewish mafia. Israel and the Jews should not be blamed for the crimes of a small number of mobsters like Jeffery Epstein or Ghislane Maxwell who used pedophile blackmail to control American politicians. I'm not an antisemite. I love and respect Jews just as I do all races, and I pray for Israel, just as I pray for America.

The entire world has fallen under the spell of a satanic, globalist elite. Their end-goal is a technocratic, one-world government, where everyone, Jew and Gentile, will be microchipped and tracked 24/7. They use the rhetoric of social-justice and cancelculture, not to bring about equality, but to smear and silence anyone who opposes them. We will all be equally enslaved if they have their way. They use science, both fake and real, as a weapon to control us and keep us in a constant state of fear. The fear-spell of the atom bomb has worn off after all of these years, so they had to unleash a new one, Covid-19.

Lord have mercy on me and on us all.


Thomas Brennan

Lord have mercy on us all FOR SURE.

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