Whoa whoa WHOA there, Ms. Al Sharpton Jr. and OJ Simpson Jr. Combined! Andrea Mitchell Reported onAndrea Mitchell Reports that known African-American confirmed bachelorette and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, when asked about the Trayvon Martin case perpetrating in Florida, said that we are not a race-blind society. HOW DARE SHE AND ET CETERA! What is she going to do next, claim that there is still institutional racism, particularly at the intersection of race, the courts and the law? How will Tucker Carlson and Ghost Andrew Breitbart feel about this? Will they call her a race pimp? Will they taint everyone who's ever hugged her with guilt-by-hugging? For some reason, we do not think so. They might even pretend to forget that Condi staunchly defended Affirmative Action too -- along with fellow whiny-ass titty-baby Colin Powell -- but will they ever be able to get over the fact that she does not even bother to explain that the worst racism is pointing out when something is racist? OUTRAGING video and transcript, after the jump!

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From Andrea Mitchell Reports:

ANDREA MITCHELL: Trayvon Martin, here’s a case where an African American teenager was shot and killed and there has still not been any legal action taken against the man who shot him, a man who is alleged to have shot him without cause, a teenager who was unarmed. What does this say about American society, what does this say about our law enforcement, to you who grew up experiencing Birmingham, Alabama, in the Civil Rights era? You lost one of your kindergarten schoolmates in the church burning in Birmingham.

CONDOLEEZZA RICE: Well first of all, this is a great tragedy. This young man has been deprived of life and that’s an enormous tragedy, and we all should have prayers for his family and those who are left behind. So it’s a great tragedy, that’s the first thing to say. Secondly, I’ve always said that obviously we’re not a race-blind society. We aspire to be one, we work toward it, we’ve gotten better, but we are not yet. But I am not going to comment on the legal aspects of this case, because as I understand it, the Justice Department is looking into it, local authorities are looking into it, and I certainly hope that justice will be done here and due process accorded, but I’m not going to comment on the legal aspects of this, I’m not competent to do so.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Without commenting on the legal aspects, do you think it likely that if the races were reversed, if the man with the gun had been African American and the victim had been white, do you really think it would have taken weeks and community pressure and protests in order to even get the Federal government, to say nothing of local officials, involved?

CONDOLEEZZA RICE: Andrea, there is simply no way to know, and there is simply no way to answer a speculative question like that in what is a very explosive environment. And so I am very glad that the Justice Department is going to look into it, it’s totally appropriate that Attorney General Holder would do so, and we’ll leave this in the hands of the authorities.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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