Let's begin our Sunday show rundown this week with Republican "strategist" and Mr. " Kamala Harris/Cory Booker/Obama black primary" himself, Alex Castellanos. On ABC's "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos Martha Raddatz, the panel began with a discussion about Ilhan Omar's unfortunately worded comments about Israel, and Nancy Pelosi's decision to focus a House resolution on denouncing hate and bigotry in all its forms. The vote itself received bipartisan support in condemnation of hate ... except for 24 Republicans.

While many sensible people would see this as a larger victory in condemning hate, Alex Castellanos is NOT one of these people:

CASTELLANOS: I don't think it came out well. I don't think it came out well for the Democrats overall. It's -- it's -- you know -- she -- Congresswoman Omar got mud on her white dress that she wore to the State of the Union. Anti-Semitic mud. And instead of apologizing for it and washing it off, what -- she hid in a crowd not a cage. Well let's put other people on the stage with me and get mud on them. And Republicans were reluctant to help -- to help the Democrats I think hide their anti-Semitism in a crowd like that. And rightly so. How toothless --

RADDATZ: Those 23 Republicans who voted against it? [Plus Steve King voting "present" -- ed.]

: Yes. And how toothless was this? Well, the Congresswoman herself not only voted for it but celebrated it as saying, oh, this is great because it's -- it's the first time Congress has voted against Islamaphobia.

The GOP has decided to turn this vote into a smear of Rep. Omar. Because Omar, after apologizing for her remarks despite whatever bullshit Castellanos is saying, decided to vote for the resolution condemning ALL hate. Omar apparently "hid in a crowd" (like a terrorist?) by voting for the resolution, while 24 Republicans did not vote for it. Raddatz, Democratic strategist Stephanie Brown Pace, ABC News's Cokie Roberts, and Collective PAC's Julie Pace were all thankfully on hand to call out Castellanos's hypocrisy:

RADDATZ: Let's talk about one of the Republicans who defended the president's comments after Charlottesville is one who voted against this. Is that a double standard?

CASTELLANOS: Well, he was wrong to do that, to defend that, but right now the two wrongs make a right argument is not exactly going to work. I think for the Democrats here, they did it too. The point is an anti-Semitic barrage of comments. I mean, she apologized and then doubled down on this, and the Democratic Party can't clean its own house. When Steve King did something like this, what happened? He got kicked off his committee.

JAMES: Thirteen years later though.

CASTELLANOS: He got kicked off his committee -- well, that's...

: Republicans have lived with Steve King and have gotten his endorsements in Iowa for quite some time.

: ...anti-Semite...

ROBERTS: The number of things that he has said over the decades is really quite remarkable.

The GOP is using charges of bigotry in bad faith. Need further proof? Alex Castellanos created the Jesse Helms "Hands" racist attack ad:

Jesse Helms "Hands" ad

Alex Castellanos can take his fake outrage and go fuck himself. To see this racist windbag pretend to be outraged, watch below (and skip to 26:56 mark for him getting called out on hypocrisy):

Let's move on to chair of the House Republican Conference and Satan's spawn, Rep. Liz Cheney. Appearing on NBC's "Meet The Press," Cheney attempted to answer why she voted not to condemn bigotry using the same talking points as Castellanos, but it began to fall apart when Chuck Todd began to ask about Republicans using the same anti-Semitic tropes Omar unfortunately used, purposely, for political attacks:

TODD: Well, there's actually anti-Semitism that has crept into our discourse. Look at George Soros, okay? The Republican and conservative attacks on George Soros over the years. In fact, Kevin McCarthy had to pull one tweet that implied that he was essentially trying to buy this or buy that. That's gotten mainstreamed in ways for years to the point where George Soros had a -- had some guy that was trying to pipe bomb him. This whataboutism, can I just tell you--

CHENEY: No, no, no, no.

: Congresswoman, this whataboutism --

: Yeah, no. I -- Whataboutism -- I'm not going to --

: --that everybody tries to point to the other side--

: Chuck, Chuck --

-- and it's getting a little old.

: -- The whataboutism absolutely should not go on. And everyone, including Leader McCarthy, has stood up absolutely firmly to condemn anti-Semitism.[…]

Oh, you mean THIS Kevin McCarthy?

Cheney is the chair of the conference that has Jim Jordan sending out tweets like this:

Maybe it's just following a tradition since Daddy Dick voted against sanctions on apartheid South Africa and Liz herself wrote a 1988 Op-Ed condemning anti-apartheid protestors.

But Todd fell into that same whataboutism himself later, so Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio called out his bullshit:

BROWN: Well, I, I, I hear these stories that are -- that's the story of the day, about Democrats moving to the left. I think the more-important story is how Republicans continue to move to the right. How President Trump extols -- betrays workers and utters racist, anti-Semitic rhetoric. And nobody in their party calls him out. They don't have divisions. They've all followed his racist actions and betrayal of workers. They've followed it like lemmings off the cliff. That's the story, not some degrees of differences between and among Democrats. That's the real story.

Have a week!

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