Racist Yellowstone County Treasurer Wants Gubmint To Pay Him Year's Salary For His Awesome Racism


Here is a fun tale about a mean old racist man who loves to work for the county for a cool almost hundred large, and who is also obviously a Republican because a) racist and b) hypocrite and c) "small government no taxes" we are gonna just assume while he has also been feeding at the government trough since 1969 ... and oh, what is this? He got busted using government email to sexplain that the reason we keep getting stuck with that ol' tyrant Nobama is because o' all the queers and n-words?

He seems awesome.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! And that "more" is that sure he will resign, and all he asks in return is a little bitty teeny tiny year's pay of $90 thousand, to make up for all the "censuring" of his racism.

“I feel that The Billings Gazette is censuring my First Amendment Rights as it pertains to my personal political opinions and dogma; however, I don’t want to embarrass the Yellowstone County who I have faithfully served and whom I dearly love,” [Max] Lenington wrote. [...]

In a Nov. 13, 2012, email sent with his government account, Lenington said that President Barack Obama must have been re-elected because, “ … there are more lesbians, queers, Indians, Mexicans and n——— than the rest of us!” (The Gazette has chosen not to completely reproduce the word that Lenington wrote.)

We don't know what that word might have been, as we at Wonkette are ladies and gentleman, but we are absolutely sure that Max Lenington deserves at least one year's pay (AT LEAST) as a gesture of goodwill should he agree to go be racist elsewhere. We are also totally positive that Max Lenington is the real victim here, what with his "censuring" of his First Amendment Rights to freedom of speech by a newspaper saying what he said.

Shame on you, Billings Gazette! Consider our subscription canceled!

[BillingsGazette, via MontanaCowgirl]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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