Radical Oral Roberts Lawsuit Implies... Hypocrisy!

roberts.jpgOral Roberts University is like one of those super-Christian schools, so whenever there's even a vague rumor or allegation about sexual misconduct among its leadership, we're obligated to spread it, spread it more and continue spreading it forever and always long past its expiration date. And then if it turns out we missed a certain corner, we will add a second coat of spreading it. Onward!

Three ex-ORU professors are suing the school, claiming that President Richard Roberts and others knowingly employed a "convicted sexual deviant" and gave him "unrestricted access to the students of the university" as a "mentor" hired by Richard Roberts to work with students, sayeth the Tulsa World. The university responds, "The allegations that the university employed a sexual deviant are untrue," but since they're like all Republicans, we're skeptical.

The best part of the lawsuit was added on Friday and says that President Roberts' wife, Lindsay Roberts, was having an affair with a 16-year-old boy and spent nine nights in a university guest house with said boy, plus a whole lot of nooners and quickies and quick make-out sessions. This is, in fact, the most gossipy lawsuit ever, so tell all of your friends about it!

School, Lindsay Roberts deny all [Tulsa World]


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