Radio Host Forces Michael Steele To Give 'Slum Love' To Bobby Jindal

Radio Host Forces Michael Steele To Give 'Slum Love' To Bobby Jindal

Poor Michael Steele! The media jackals are now well aware of Steele's tendency to say hilarious things when prodded, and now they're justusing this POOR MAN who is trying to save the Republican party for our children. Such was the case last night when an ABC radio host made some terrible connection between Bobby Jindal and the film Slumdog Millionaire and asked Steele what he thought about that connection. (YOU KNOW, LIKE INDIA.)

Steele knows he's being baited (mocked?) at first, and tries to laugh it off like a pro:

SLIWA: Now, using a little bit of that street terminology, are you giving him any Slum love, Michael?

STEELE: (laughter)

But the host wants his QUOTE, damnit!

SLIWA: Because he is -- when guys look at him and young women look at him -- they say oh, that's the slumdog millionaire, governor. So, give me some slum love.

Who the fuck says that? Does anyone say that? YOUNG WOMEN? Who the hell is this "SLIWA"?

Well, in any event, SLIWA gets his wacky Michael Steele quote in the end...

STEELE: I love it. (inaudible)...some slum love out to my buddy, gov. Bobby Jindal is doing a friggin' awesome job in his state. He's really turned around on some core principles -- like hey, government ought not be corrupt. The good stuff...the easy stuff.

... and now it's on every blog, including your Wonkette, hooray, another day at the office.

Steele offers Jindal 'slum love' [Ben Smith]


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