Rahm Emanuel Goes To Movies, Saves Human Life

Rahm Emanuel Goes To Movies, Saves Human Life

Heartthrob angel of death Rahm Emanuel went to the movies Saturday night! He went to see a sports movie calledThe Wrestler at Washington's E Street Cinema (the one that serves beer), and was getting all amped up to see Marisa Tomei's boobs until the guy next to him had a seizure, at which point he just started cursing at everyone.

Rahm saved his life, according to Ben Smith:

It was not a quiet night out.

"The guy sitting next to Rahm -- literally sharing an armrest with him -- had a seizure of some kind," the moviegoer tells me. "Rahm used some vulgarities to impress upon the movie theater staff -- who wanted to move the guy out of the movie theater so they could restart the film -- that they should wait until EMS got there."

Emanuel stayed and helped, I'm told, until EMS arrived.

And what have you communists done lately?

No rest for Rahm at the movies [Ben Smith]


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