Rahm Emanuel: Ha Ha, Hillary's a Lesbian

The congressman from Illinois is making powerful friends wherever he goes. During a Monday night Daily Show appearance, the DCCC wizard was doing the usual "Bush sucks" routine and made a reference to FDR.

Jon Stewart: "So your plan is to find Franklin Delano Roosevelt, exhume him, reanimate him--"

Rahm Emanuel: "Well, Hillary's already helping us with the Eleanor part--"

Jon Stewart: "Settle down ...."

Ha, get it? Because Eleanor Roosevelt was the lesbian wife of a popular Democrat president. Comedy gold! You did great in the midterms, Rahm, but we won't be surprised when you come down with a sudden case of Polonium 210 poisoning.

Rahm Emanuel calls Hillary a dyke (sort of) [Seth Mnookin]

Rep. Rahm Emanuel (video) [The Daily Show]


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