Rain Delay

  • Russia declared a cease-fire in Georgia, but Russian troops are still deep in the country and who knows if or when they'll leave. [Daily Telegraph]
  • Freakishly long-waisted swimmer Michael Phelps won another gold medal at the Olympics, bringing his career haul to nine. [Reuters]
  • The Justice Department would like to move Ted Stevens' trial to Washington DC, as Stevens is basically a resident there, and has already tainted the jury pool in his native Alaska. [The Hill]
  • A lot of suburban Republicans who voted for Bush when gas prices and houses were cheap are now going to vote for Democrats. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Tech blogger Robert Scoble has a bunch of pictures of Rielle Hunter on John Edwards' presidential campaign announcement tour in late December of 2006. Edwards had an affair with a woman who wore A FREAKING JESTER HAT. [Washington Post]
  • Ron Paul's wife was in the hospital yesterday "in serious but stable condition." Get well soon, Mrs. Paul! [Houston Chronicle]

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