Will it ever stop? What have we done to deserve... wait, hold on -- it's totally sunny out right now. Kinda pleasant, actually! Still, the Post reports today that the IRS, Justice, and the National Archives are waterlogged and closed. But wait -- don't go trafficking drugs, evading taxes, and not counting your slaves as 3/5ths of your state's representation just yet! While the IRS remains closed and without a projected date for reopening, their spokesperson promises that "the tax system continues to operate." Justice is apparently fine too, according to this email we were forwarded earlier today:

Only a tiny fraction - less than 2 percent - of the Department's 120,000 person work force operates out of the affected RFK Building and all impacted and essential personnel are now working out of designated alternate locations.
In the meantime, the Department of Justice will continue to execute all of the important responsibilities on behalf of the American people. Although the RFK Building is closed for the remainder of this week (July 1, 2006), the Department of Justice is fully operational.

The Archives, though? Still closed. You know what that means?

NO CONSTITUTION! WHOO! Let's elect a little kid president and have 400 Senators from every state!

Justive Dept., Archives and IRS to Stay Shuttered Rest of Week [WP]

IRS Remains Closed, but "Tax System Continues to Operate" [TaxProf]


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