Ramstad Retiring Too Late to Help Us

We'll miss your huge head, Jim - WonketteJim Ramstad is retiring! Which is the most boring news in the world except for the fact that had he done it a year ago my fucking stepmom would be in Congress right now. Dammit, Jim! That was my chance to finally meet that cute Stephanie Herseth before she got hitched.

Anyway, Ramstad is retiring because he's old and not a very good Republican what with his being all pro-choice and not opposed to killing innocent stem cell babies. Also he's Patrick Kennedy's AA sponsor, so expect more hilarious late-night benders and car accidents outside the Hawk 'n' Dove come 2009.

My step-mom probably won't be running for the seat because running for congress seriously sucks. Everyone's mean to you!

Ramstad Expected to Announce Retirement Today [Roll Call]


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