Rand Paul: Stealing From the Government Just Like Being a Jewish Family During the Holocaust


Well hi Rand Paul, what crazy things are you going on and on about today, on the teevee, where everyone can see you? Oh, nothing, just all the ways in which the American government's repossession of stolen property is just like when Nazis stole paintings from Jewish families, that's all, no big deal. Let us listen closely while Rand Paul, expert in all things Constitutional, highlights the similarities between repossessing stolen property and stealing from Jewish families during the Holocaust.

HANNITY: Did you hear about the case today? It was a couple and they found these gold double eagle coins from 1939, I think, is the year. And they’re worth like $80 million. Now a court case it was in, because they had, I guess, confiscated them or asked people to turn them in . . . but [the government] had the ten coins or whatever it was. And they said “no, we’re taking them, and you don’t get a penny.”

PAUL: It’s sort of like the Nazis taking paintings from Jewish families during the war and saying you don’t get them back. Well they’re yours, they’re still yours even if you find it 60 years later.

An astute observation from Rand Paul, which can basically be summed up as FINDERS KEEPERS LOSERS WEEPERS. The small problem here is that this couple did not “find” double eagle coins worth $80 million dollars; they inherited the coins from a coin dealer who got them from guy that stole them from the U.S. Mint.



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