Rand Paul Will Not -- Repeat, NOT -- Try To Overturn 1964 Civil Rights Act


You could tell that Doctor Senator Rand Paul was not being managed very well yesterday afternoon he was being destroyed by NPR's Robert Seigel (ROBERT SEIGEL, a friendly old radio chit-chat man!) regarding his over-thought libertarian opposition to parts (just the minor "private sector" ones) of the 1964 Civil Rights Act -- which plenty of libertarians and conservatives have kept bitching about for 50 years, BUT NOWADAYS MOSTLY IN PRIVATE. Then Rand Paul went on the Rachel Maddow program, last evening. We still cannot even watch this clip; it just sounds too goddamn painful. Check it out yourself, though, and then read Rand Paul's Big Statement from today!

“I believe we should work to end all racism in American society and staunchly defend the inherent rights of every person. I have clearly stated in prior interviews that I abhor racial discrimination and would have worked to end segregation. Even though this matter was settled when I was 2, and no serious people are seeking to revisit it except to score cheap political points, I unequivocally state that I will not support any efforts to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

“Let me be clear: I support the Civil Rights Act because I overwhelmingly agree with the intent of the legislation, which was to stop discrimination in the public sphere and halt the abhorrent practice of segregation and Jim Crow laws.”

“As I have said in previous statements, sections of the Civil Rights Act were debated on Constitutional grounds when the legislation was passed. Those issues have been settled by federal courts in the intervening years.”

“My opponent's statement on MSNBC Wednesday that I favor repeal of the Civil Rights Act was irresponsible and knowingly false. I hope he will correct the record and retract his claims.”

“The issue of civil rights is one with a tortured history in this country. We have made great strides, but there is still work to be done to ensure the great promise of Liberty is granted to all Americans.”

“This much is clear: The federal government has far overreached in its power grabs. Just look at the recent national healthcare schemes, which my opponent supports. The federal government, for the first time ever, is mandating that individuals purchase a product. The federal government is out of control, and those who love liberty and value individual and state's rights must stand up to it.”

“These attacks prove one thing for certain: the liberal establishment is desperate to keep leaders like me out of office, and we are sure to hear more wild, dishonest smears during this campaign."

Any of you liberals going around now calling Rand Paul a "racist" must STOP STOP STOP. He is not a racist. That is a stupid way to waste all sorts of valid criticisms of Rand Paul. And there are so many, JESUS! During the NPR interview he said that he doesn't think the Federal Government should ever tell private business what to do, but that he would've proudly marched with Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights movement. Robert Siegel responded (paraphrasing), "That's nice but WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. WAS FUCKING MARCHING YOU FUCKING IDIOT? REMEMBER HOW HE GAVE HIS BIG FUCKING SPEECH IN WASHINGTON DC, 'DREAM'? APPLYING POLITICAL PRESSURE? DEAR GOD."

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