Rather Replacements

Still wondering who or what will replace Dan Rather? The only list longer than that of possible replacements is those who have something to say on the subject. Of all the meta-punditry we've seen so far, we like that of NYU professor Jay Rosen best, who talked to USAT this week about Les Moonves' splashy pronouncement that the net is looking for "multiple anchors." Opined Rosen: "Three anchors is as meaningless to me as six or one or none." Rosen is a professor of journalism, so we'll let his unfamiliarity with math slide, but we have to say, no anchor (a.k.a., the John Roberts option) certainly would be meaningless. Blank screen and whatnot. Rosen did have a suggestion: "Now if CBS said, 'We will have three anchors: one from the left, one from the right and one from the radical middle,' then I would pay attention." Ooooh, "radical middle"! Speaking of meaningless....

Will CBS News' multiple-anchor concept fly? [USAT]


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