Rats Seize G-Town Burger Hut From Redskins' Owner

'50s diner rats! Nostalgic! - WonketteTom Cruise-enabling Redskins' owner Dan Snyder announced he was buying the burger chain Johnny Rockets last month, but massive rats at the Georgetown location have apparently revolted against the purchase.

The filthy rodents of unusual size have again taken over the kitchen, gnawing burger buns and hanging out under the food-prep tables. DC health officials had no choice but to cede the restaurant to the vermin.

Those of you who avoid the miserable chains taking over Georgetown and Dupont Circle have not only missed out on rat-tested burgers 'n fries. Johnny Rockets is one of those "1950s nostalgic diners" where we can all remember when black people couldn't eat in the same restaurant as the white people. And the JR wait staff is actually forced to awkwardly dance around to '50s music at timed intervals. Hieronymus Bosch would've loved this shit.

Rats Sack Dan Snyder's Future G'town Eatery [WTOP]


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