Ray Nagin Favors The Vagina

Overcompensating?Ray Nagin, the crazy gun-toting mayor of New Orleans, told horrified reporters last Friday that he was "a vagina-friendly Mayor." Why the sudden revelation? He was promoting some sort of festival that includes Eve Ensler, the writer of one of the worst plays ever (we have not seen it) that features maybe a talking vagina.

Yes, the festival is called "V-Day" and celebrates 10 years of ending violence against women. The point is, do you want to go to New Orleans and hang out for two days with Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Faith Hill, and others? Then get on the V-train and stand strong with Mayor Ray Nagin in his embrace of ladyparts.

Mayor of New Orleans: "I Am A Vagina-Friendly Mayor" [995 News]

The V-Day Event of the Decade


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