• Pakistan announced the arrests of several suspected Mumbai attackers and revealed details of the case, which involved phone cards and exotic European locales such as Austria and Barcelona. [New York Times]
  • The military vote could tip Israel's election to the Likud party, forcing President Shimon Peres to appoint Benjamin Netanyahu prime minister. [Reuters]
  • Ford's Theatre re-opened last night after an 18 month renovation, and President Obama was there to honor President Lincoln. Given the theater's history, that must have been one tense "celebration." [Bloomberg]
  • Chrysler and GM have until Tuesday to submit revised plans to the Treasury Department showing how they plan to become vibrant and profitable during the worst depression in the history of depressions. [Detroit Free Press]
  • A nutty Dutch crusader against Islam made a movie about the terrible bloodthirsty Muslims, a film that was of course greeted with "violent protests in the Muslim world," and now this character wants to go to Great Britain to show his dumb movie. [Guardian]
  • A new version of the stimulus package was unveiled late in the day yesterday; it seems to displease all equally, so it must be awesome. [New York Times]

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