Read Sarah Palin's Important Medical Fax!

Well, that's it, people! After weeks of saying, "oh yeah, let us get those records together, all those detailed and important medical records, there are so many of them to compile," Sarah Palin's peoplepooped out this doozy last night: a two-page fax from a kindly community doctor who reveals that Sarah Palin is a healthy woman who exercises.

We get no exciting blood panels or discussions of lesions or topographical maps of her reproductive organs, alas.

To be fair (as they say in Journalistic Circles), Barack Obama's doctor released a ONE-page "record" that grudgingly allowed as how Obama is a human with a pulse, so there is some precedent in this campaign for short, vague medical records. But then again, not nearly as much mystery and speculation surrounded Obama's fifth pregnancy. (Barack Obama is a seahorse.)

Letter from Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, MD

Sarah Palin's physician says she's in 'excellent health' [Top of the Ticket]


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