Reader Fotos: God Hates America, Loves Taiwan

Oh well looky here! Two (2) brave Wonkette readers have sent us photographs of the night sky showing a frowning Space Jesus in North America and a happy lil' Sky Monster in "the nation most likely to be confused with Thailand." To your left you see the adorable Taiwanese sky, pictured at about 7:30pm local time yesterday. Paul, who sent us this picture, would like to remind you that Taiwan is in the northern hemisphere, so no bellyaching from you Americans and Canadians about how God just likes the down-under peoples better. In truth he just prefers those nations where people wear slippers around the house instead of keeping on their street shoes like common slobs.

And then here is our frowny American sky, which has a sad because it just learned the economy went into recession a year ago. And that, friends, concludes this post, which has almost nothing to do with politics or "DC Gossip."

Thank you to Mel and Paul for the nice pictures.


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