Reading About Katherine Harris Is Good for You

Here's another original photograph of Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL), courtesy of a Sunshine State tipster:


Yeah, we know, we just gave you a bunch of Katherine Harris pics earlier today. But when it comes to our Katy, there's no such thing as too much. Consider this reader testimonial:

I have a girlfriend in Sarasota who needed some solitary time. The usuaI "what should she do next" thoughts. I saw your articles on Ms. Harris and knew this would draw her out of her funk -- and it did! What a terrific therapeutic tool. Thanks Wonkette.

In therapy we talk of "best outcomes." KH provided this, so please keep posting anything about her, even if it is not funny. Absolutely everything about her is therapeutic.

We couldn't agree more. We will continue to perform the public service of following Katherine Harris's every move.

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