'Real American' Records Actual Historical Event In Beautiful Painting


Except for how Tennessee just killed Jesus.

A bunch of you have sent us a link to this painting by a fellow named Jon McNaughton, depicting the divine event that took place during the hot Philadelphia summer of 1787, when Jeebus flew to America from his ice cave on Pluto to deliver the U.S. Constitution to some brat before an in-studio audience consisting of George Washington, Mister Hollywood, Liberal News Reporter, Satan, and others. "Jon McNaughton would like to set the record straight," we read.

What's so essential about this Internet painting is that McNaughton has included, for each character, that thing you commenters love so much: Alt-Text. Descriptive Alt-Text.

The bottom-right corner is where you'll find the good stuff:

Spend the rest of your afternoon with it!

One Nation Under God [Jon McNaughton]


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