Real Americans Remember MLK


Famous hero Martin Luther King Jr. did great things for America and, because we have a soft spot for black saviors (especially the ones who make racism disappear forever), we make their birthdays holidays (read: days off from work). Hooray! It's a great day to plant a tree, paint a building, hug a black person, give to Haiti, praise Jesus, and work on your Negro dialect.

Ways to celebrate and remember the great life of Dr. King:

  • India.Arie and the Let Freedom Ring Choir: Famous singer India.Arie pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. with a FREE concert at the Kennedy Center, Monday night at 6PM. 2 FREE tickets per person will be distributed from 10AM - 12PM on Monday. [Kennedy Center]
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Some MLK Day trivia for you: Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his LAST sermon at the Washington National Cathedral. Who knew? They are hosting a celebration in his honor that features Chuck Brown Monday at 2PM. [National Cathedral]
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Parade: A parade to honor Dr. King that takes place on a street in Balitmore named after him. Some people think of everything. The parade starts at noon. [Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade 2010]
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Weekend Festival: This three day festival at the American History Museum includes dramatic readings, musical performances, and exhibitions, including the actual lunch counter where the sit-in movement began in the '60s. [American History Museum]
  • Blacks and Jews: Historically opposed people who now like each other -- for the most part -- celebrate MLK Day together in DC with events on Friday and Monday. Sixth & I and the Turner Memorial AME Church are hosting a special service in honor of MLK and famous civil-rightsy dead Jew Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. The Washington, DC Jewish Community Center is hosting an MLK Day of Service for folks of all denominations. [Sixth and I, Washington, DC JCC]

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