'Real Indian' Running Against Elizabeth Warren Definitely Not Racist, Just Wants Charlottesville 2.0 Rally In Boston

Oh boy! There's another rally planned for August 19 in Boston by a bunch of obnoxious conservative alt-righter types of the variety that have started trying to distance themselves from the alt-right and instead calling themselves the "New Right" while still holding most of the same crappy views they dd before. They're calling it a "Free Speech" rally, because most of them think that the right to Free Speech is the right to never be criticized by anyone and always be listened to by everyone, and they would like some of THAT please.

Except there are a few problems! One of them being that the rally might be canceled. Following Charlottesville, several of the speakers slated to speak at the rally, including noted human garbage monster Gavin McInnes, have backed out and declared the rally "canceled."

Why? Is it because they saw what happened in Charlottesville and would not like to cause the death of another person? Of course it is not. One reason is that they are saying that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh wants people to "riot" on them.

Mayor Walsh said, regarding the rally, “Boston does not welcome you here, Boston does not want you here, Boston rejects your message. We’ll do anything in our power to keep hate out of our city,” noting later that they will allow free speech, but they will not allow violence.

Yes, that sure does sound like an invitation to violence.

They have also been claiming that the city has "revoked" their permit. Except the thing is, Mayor Walsh is saying they never applied for one in the first place, which means it couldn't have been revoked.

Another reason is that he doesn't want people to "scream" at him. Because he has a very delicate constitution and might get the vapors.

Short answer though? They're scared.

However, some say it is still going on, and others -- like Elizabeth Warren's Senate challenger Shiva Ayyadurai -- are still planning on speaking.

Ayyadurai told Boston's WBUR that he is speaking despite having literally no idea who is even putting on the event:

I think one of the organizers from there called my assistant. You know, I get a lot of calls as a public figure, and I was just very happy to attend a free speech event.

Apparently no one knows. It is a secret. People are just agreeing to come speak at it, for reasons.

Ayyadurai is quite a character. His hobbies include claiming he invented email, and then suing people who say that he did not, in fact, invent email. His other hobbies include "having spontaneous orgasms every time he calls Elizabeth Warren 'a fake Indian,'" which means he has a lot of spontaneous orgasms.

He pals around with Mike Cernovich now -- but at one point he protested Apartheid and worked with Noam Chomsky.

Via Boston Magazine:

The same night he announced his intention to run, “new-right” provocateur Mike Cernovich feted him at a post–Conservative Political Action Conference bash outside of Washington, DC, attended by Pizzagate promoter Mike Flynn Jr., son of Donald Trump’s ousted national security adviser. Ayyadurai also picked up an early endorsement from former Red Sox pitcher and Breitbart News personality Curt Schilling, who is ideologically in the same camp as the alt-right and had been publicly pondering a Senate run himself. “As of today, from where I sit, you’re my choice for Senator of the state of Mass. in 2018 and it’s not even close,” Schilling tweeted. “#Fauxcahauntas.” After a meeting with Ayyadurai, the Lowell Sun’s traditionally right-leaning editorial board declared him an “accomplished risk taker and problem solver,” a fresh upstart who “embodies everything that America offers someone who’s willing to work hard to achieve success.”

It is rather telling, frankly, that Ayyadurai is not backing down from a protest that even Gavin McInnes is retreating from. That, as smart as he is -- and he is smart -- he is not saying to himself "Hey, someone died at one of these protests recently, maybe now is not the time to get this band back together, even if only out of respect for the dead."



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